what kind of american are you

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WWhiteSShadow said:
Nov 15 '11, 7:30PM

Well, well, well... There's the really fat American, the polluting American, the Bush American, (lol, racist) and the Democrat. They all equally suck...

Christs Child said:
Aug 2 '11, 12:13PM

Democrat. Haha I've always pinned myself as a republican....but I guess I can see why I'm a D. I'm actually planning on moving to a FAIR country in Europe, like France or Sweden, too. Good quiz!

kahlua said:
Jul 7 '11, 9:00AM

Democrat... i knew that ^^... does that mean i'm you?

garcia kid said:
Jan 20 '11, 6:04PM

Democrat all day!!

garcia kid said:
Jan 20 '11, 6:02PM

Democrat all day!!

alissaa23 said:
Apr 11 '10, 4:33PM

Yay I'm a good American :)

andreaboo said:
Jan 30 '08, 5:30PM


ebman said:
Jan 30 '08, 4:53PM


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