What Japanese Emoticon are you?

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ocean said:
Mar 15 '14, 12:13PM

What Japanese Emoticon are you?
Your Result: Crying

(T.T), aww. You always need someone to comfort you, and has a dry hankerchief.You are constantly in tears and is barely ever happy. Your motto: Crying relieves your senses and your soul.


mniricecakes said:
May 7 '11, 8:06AM

crying? aw........... i like... this one! ^_^ but i'm not happy all the time, but i don't really cry either.....

Kim_Jaejoong said:
Aug 10 '10, 8:10AM

Your Result: Sleeping

(-.-)ZZzzZZ, that's you, you are always tired and need caffiene to start your day. You are barely on time to things and fall asleep in class.Your motto: There is never a time where you can't sleep


Anastasia said:
Jul 27 '10, 5:42AM

Crying? lol

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