What is your Wolf Name?

A wolf is a popular animal, but few people actually know what type or rank wolf they would be in the wild. What would your position be? Would you have a pack? What would your strengths and name be?

WHAT are YOU in your pack? Who are you in the wolf world? Take the test to find out if you are a leader, and loner, a mother, ar a prankster in your pack!

Created by: Mariana
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. How much do you know know about wolves?
A fair amount
The basics
This was a quiz about WOLVES?
4. What is your favorite hobby?
Team sports; soccer, football, volley-ball, basket-ball, etc.
Singular sports; figure skating, ping-pong, etc.
Painting, sketching, carving, and molding
Writing, reading, and day-dreaming.
Chatting with friends.
5. What is your favorite color?
Sky blue
6. Your friends describe you as...?
Friendly, funny personality
A natural leader in everything
Wise beyond my years
A mysterious person who is quite kind but rather shy.
Protective, kind nature
What friends?
7. What kind of name do you want?
Something powerful, like Flame
Something obnoxious, like Insanity!
A mysterious name, like the Wolf Who Dwells in Night
A battle-worn name, like Broken-heart
Something caring, like Sasha
Something awe-inspiring, like Glory
8. FLASH! You are now a lone wolf! You smell another pack nearby. What do you do?
Growl and continue your prowlings, in the opposite direction. If they feel like following you, fine. Some wolves just don't know whats good for them.
Stand your ground and wait for them quietly. If they want to fight, you'll fight. But you would like a more peaceful solution.
You snarl and dash towards them. They need to learn to respect you and give you your limits.
Let them find you, then seduce one of the young wolves and start your own pack.
Whine and ask to join their pack.
Tell a few jokes to break the ice, then race away. Hopefully, they will like your humor and let you get away.
9. You are now in a successful pack! You have just killed a deer with your pack. When do you eat?
EAT??? no way!!!!
First, of course.
I creep up and sneak bites before my time.
It doesn't matter. I shove through them anyway. They wouldn't have gotten anything to eat if it wasn't for me, so they might as well show a little respect!
As the parent of pups, they realize how important it is for me to eat plenty so i end up eating ALMOST 1st
It depends. I don't need much meat, and there are other wolves that desperately need something to fill their bellies
10. You stumble upon a hurt human child. What do you do?
Put the whelp out of its misery.
It depends on the age of the child; teens can carry hidden guns and knives, and i don't want to threaten my pack
Help it find its way back to its worried parents.
Heal the child, of course; you would be guilty if you left the helpless child on its own.
Cheer up the kid by doind things like walking into trees. Laughter is the best medicine.
Gently nudge the child in the right direction of the human city. you cant spare anymore time.
11. A strange wolf comes up and asks to join the pack. What do you do?
Point towards the alpha. That isn't your job.
Hide the pups in the den and lead the stranger to a wolf who is better suited for such nonsense.
Make a funny face, then strike up a random conversation while your mind races. Should i trust them?
Smile and kindly nod. Why not? your pack needs fresh blood.
Lash out and slash the wolf's shoulder. How does he react? Is he worthy?
Kill him, no questions.
12. It is time for bed. When and where do you sleep?
At the crack of dawn, i slink back into my dark cave lined with crystals and gems. I sleep until the last ray of sun disappears.
I sleep after successful hunt in my own den lined with soft moss
Sleep? Who needs sleep? Lets party all night instead!
Between my duties as the alpha and the most powerful warrior in the pack, i get almost no sleep. When i do, there are no set times.
I sleep next to my mate and surrounded by my many pups at the whelping den, and i manage to get a wink of sleep whenever my pups are tired.
I sleep wherever and whenever i choose.
13. If you could choose your ideal territory, where would you live?
A dark, misty forest so my prey couldn't see me creep up on them, and so i could scare other packs by making creepy noises in the fog. hilarious!
A clearing with a beautiful waterfall with a comfy cave and a clear view of the sky.
An ice-covered rocky mountain with many views of the surrounding country.
A river-side home with room for my pack and children to run and play. And with plenty of fish and fowl. Delicious!
A flat peaceful grassland by a meager creek. You could see enemies and they could see you; less confrontations.
Who cares? as long as im alive.
14. Is this test boring yet? (does not count)
its interesting, and i want to see my results.
what was the question again?
15. What would be your packs name?
Pack? what pack? im a loner and im proud of it!
Swift pack, because we are quick, fast, and clever.
Taco pack, because, hey, who doesn't like tacos?
Light pack, because we are bright and cheerful to all.
The Thunderbirds Pack, because we are the most powerful wolves around and everybody knows it!!
16. You look into a lake and see your reflection. What color eyes do you have?
Dual colors

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