What is your true fear?

Many people have a fear. Whether it be of snakes, thunderstorms, and even the fear of peanut butter being stuck to the roof of your mouth (I'm serious that's a thing), everyone has one.

So what's YOUR fear? There are 5 fears you can end up with, so let's see what yours is by taking 5 minutes out of your time to take my quiz. I hope that you enjoy!

Created by: Rebekahh27
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3. Your friend invited you to a carnival. You don't want to visit the...
Rollercoasters. They are way to high up, and way too scary.
Haunted Mansion. If they had the lights on, then yes, I would go there.
Corn Maze. If we separated, and I couldn't find you, I would freak out.
Animals. Not because I'm scared of the animals, but because of all of the spiders that could be in those cages!
Indoor Maze. The place is way to small, and there are no windows!
I would want to visit every place!
4. Your parents want you to go into the woods at night and climb a tree to destroy a bee's nest. You would hate this because...
There are WAY too many spiders in the woods!
It's WAY to dark out there!
The tree I would have to climb is WAY to high up!
No one would be with me!
I wouldn't hate this because the woods is a very open space.
i wouldn't hate this because it's not scary!
5. At night before you go to bed you...
Turn on my nightlight. I need SOME light.
Check my room for spiders. What if a spider got into my bed?
Open my door. Just to feel not so tight and small in here.
Close the window. What if I fell out?
Tell the person I sleep with to come to bed now. I can't sleep alone.
Do nothing in particular. I just go to sleep.
6. Your worst nightmare would be...
Falling off a cliff.
Getting stuck in a small cellar with no way out.
Fallimg in a pit of big spiders.
Not getting married.
Having no daytime and night all year around.
Umm...I can't really think of one.
7. You don't like being underground because of...
No one with me!
It's not very open and it's very tight!
I do like being underground because you aren't at all high up.
I do like being underground.
8. One thing that would ruin your birthday party would be...
Getting locked in the small bathroom!
A surprise gift to go skydiving!
The power going out!
Someone bringing a pet tarantula but it gets loose!
Nobody showing up.
Nothing would ruin my party. Unless I died...
9. Your least favorite activity would be...
Being "it" in Hide n' Seek.
Crawling through vents.
Playing a game at night.
Collecting bugs.
I don't know. I love ALL activities!
10. How would you describe the opposite of yourself?
A night person.
The person who volunteers to kill the spider.
The person who loves rollercoasters.
The independent person.
The person who always hides in boxes in Hide n' Seek.
Umm...a person with a fear?
11. You hate school because...
My room is small.
There's a second floor and some of my classes are up there.
A spider can come any second. And at school I can't scream and run away.
When the power goes out I can't hide under blankets.
At recess and lunch you might end up being alone.
It's school. And school is torture.
12. Do you like this quiz? (This has no effect on your final answer.)
Sort of.
No, not really.
If I say yes can I see my answer?

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