What is your style?

When you hop off the school bus every morning, you see a lot of people. Sure, they can all be easily classified into groups depending on what they wear and what they like but what exactly are you?

If you've ever wondered what your clothing and even life style is, then this is the quiz for you. You may not be what you expected. Or maybe you are, at any rate this quiz will reveal your true style.

Created by: Kayla
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3. On the first day of school, you wear:
A concert t shirt and ripped jeans.
An abercrombie shirt and designer capris.
A math-club shirt and cargo shorts.
A top you made yourself with colored on jeans.
4. Your friends are always asking to borrow:
Your CDs.
Your fashion magazenes.
Your biology notes.
Your handmade bags.
5. You violate the school dresscode when you wear:
A t -shirt with a profanity on it from a concert.
A brand name halter top.
flip-flops (with socks)
A hair accessesry that distracts the other students.
6. Some of your hobbies include:
Playing and listening to music.
Shopping and hanging out with friends.
Doing science expriments and math problems.
Designing and making art.
7. As for makeup, you put on:
Black eyeliner and grey eyeshadow.
Pink, green and blue eyeshadow with lip-gloss.
Neon colored eyemake up, mascara and lip gloss.
8. When you wear a hat, it is usually:
None. How can you headbang with a hat on?
What ever was in the display in the front of Abercrombie.
A baseball cap with "science fair winner" printed on it.
A knitted cap, or colorful hat that matchs your outfit.
9. Your room is:
Covered with band posters.
mostly a storage place for tons of clothes.
A good study space, but very messy.
Filled with ideas for art projects and oozing style.
10. Your favorite web-site is:
Youtube.com, there is great music videos.
My-space, you can chat with your friends.
Wikipedia, it has cool facts.
I don't spend much time on line.
11. You and your BFF love:
Jamming together.
Matching outfits.
Playing video-games.
Attending art-shows.
12. Your favorite school subject is:
Do I have to pick one?

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