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  • X. Duh, Duh, Duh......

    BookNerd Sep 26 '16, 11:50AM
  • I dont belive in soul symbols or more than one god i belive in the One true God and who He says I am He is the good good Father. I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ or to say I am a child of God. may God bless you.

    The Awakened Jun 22 '16, 12:39AM
  • X lllloooven it

    Raven11 Jan 31 '11, 9:00PM
  • I got the x.It fits me pretty well.great quiz:)

    blake15 Dec 26 '10, 2:53PM
  • I gotta X. Nice quiz.

    CuzImAwesome Jul 17 '10, 10:12PM
  • im kinda a mix between swirl and square and haha nice typo u put sqaure twice

    xevx Jun 14 '10, 9:54AM
  • square:( maybe i need rehab i have no idea for what but its possible

    Kaena May 15 '10, 5:06PM

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