What Is Your Real Animal Spirit? (ACCURATE!)

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RedFoxz said:
Feb 9 '18, 9:54AM

This isn't accurate at all!
According to your animal spirit you are quite social and energetic.
I'm not very active, and I am definitely NOT social!

PikaKitty10 said:
Dec 8 '16, 9:52AM

100% Kangaroo.

PikaKitty10 said:
Dec 8 '16, 9:51AM

100%!! What!!! That doesn't make any sense! I am out of here.

leafpool1972 said:
Jul 24 '16, 7:35PM

The Fu- I just got 100% Kangaroo, damn!?!?

IvystarGecko said:
Jun 3 '16, 7:04PM

Bald eagle barely matches me at all. I'm a fishing cat.

KibaWOLFRAIN said:
May 22 '16, 4:08PM

99% WOLF!?

savySAVAGE said:
Apr 15 '16, 3:58PM

I'm a peacock I don't know if it describes me though

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