What is your perfect birthday presant?

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Janelypie143 said:
Dec 5 '16, 5:42AM

I need pens but I also need apples

Hermione9989 said:
Oct 1 '16, 5:57PM


Janelypie143 said:
Sep 22 '16, 5:31AM

Quite a cool quiz actually, I got Lego. Just check your spelling next time. Nice job :)

Werewolf Stacey said:
Sep 13 '16, 3:57PM

I got teddy, and i like teddies, but i like stationery better.

Werewolf Stacey said:
Sep 13 '16, 3:55PM

I got teddy, and i like teddies, but i like stationery better.

Crystal the Wolf said:
Jun 12 '16, 7:03PM

I love to draw I'm like an artist in a wolf!!!!!!!

whitewolf73 said:
Apr 13 '16, 12:06PM

noteboook and pens

Lilian said:
Nov 13 '15, 7:50AM

Yeah there were so many spelling errors which bugged me, then it said my perfect gift was Lego and I hate Lego. No offence but this isn't the greatest.

Gawjasgalx said:
Aug 17 '15, 8:58AM

Before you post a quiz, check everything! You misspelt about 20% of your words including frequent misspelling of your (it should be you're). There wasn't always a capital letter where needed and you missed out some punctuation. Also my description of my gift makes no sense so I'm not impressed with this!

sosorickenbacker said:
Jun 29 '15, 11:15AM

Heck yeah!I luv to draw!

Caroline2559 said:
May 16 '15, 7:09PM

I don't think I should get a ds because I like doing other stuff. This quiz sucks and lies.

Apr 18 '15, 11:21AM

It's YOU'RE, not YOUR, learn correct grammar. Also, i selected over 60 as a joke and i got teddy. This quiz is 100% bull.

loveybug said:
Dec 2 '14, 1:15PM

XxEmmaxX said:
Oct 1 '14, 7:00PM

Oh wow, not stereotypical at all. By the way, YOU'RE (you know, the way to combine you and are correctly) a GRAMMAR GENIUS.

teacher1 said:
Sep 10 '14, 12:43PM

You really need to learn to spell and use an apostrophe correctly. The shortened form of "you are" is you're NOT your.

HannaBanana said:
Jul 9 '11, 7:30PM

What is your perfect birthday presant?
Your Result: Teddy

You love to cuddle to a teddy.Your perfect for teddies.You like any colour,etc.Brown,Wh ite,Black..... You also like any animal,Etc.bear,dog ,cat..... I think your cool

Good quiz i do need a teddy.I get kinda lonely around here :O

Loony Luna said:
Jul 9 '11, 3:02PM

Exactly what I wanted! I'm always running out of pens :]

madid said:
Jul 9 '11, 12:08PM

Good quiz. I got Journal/Pens.

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