what is your least favorable trait?

welcome!!!! take this quiz to find out what your worst trait is. this quick 12 question quiz is easy and fun, share to your friends to get their results!

have you ever wondered what people think of you besides the good? take this quiz to find out what people really see when they come to know the real you!!

Created by: anonymous
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3. you get into a fight with your best friend. what do you do?
oh well people are temporary, so nothing
apologize. I'm not going to lose my best friend over a stupid fight
obviously we fought for a reason, and if we fought then my reason to have fought them was valid. if they want to apologize, that's their decision. but im not going to.
I'll lie my way out of it. i can't have my best friend telling stuff about me!
screw apologizing, there's no way i was the reason we fought.
4. you got fired from your job. now what?
honestly I don't even care I'll just find another one
what do you mean i got fired from my job? I did nothing wrong!
i guess i could try and convince my boss to get me to stay
i can do better than that job anyways
what the hell? are they serious? im going to go beat the s--- out of these people
5. you're on a date and you begin talking. you say
I'll just listen to them talk the whole time, the dates probably not going to go anywhere anyways
I'll tell them only the best things. and maybe exaggerate a little.
I'll crack a few jokes, those always work.
a date? who am i kidding, like that would even happen.
i need a drink
6. you find a wrinkled 50 dollar bill on the ground that had fallen from an old lady in the parking lot in front of you.
I'll give it back, she probably needs it more than I do.
sike! mine now b----
I'll keep it...im in debt right now okay im kind of drowning here!
it was purely fate that it dropped i mean it's obviously meant to be mine right?
7. how would you describe yourself?
amazing, attractive, outgoing, funny
shy, smart, hard to get to know
easy going, chill
positive, caring, ambitious
8. what are your views on relationships?
definitely overrated
they can be fun. for a couple minutes.
great, as long as you're with someone you truly love
im not sure, maybe one day
9. are you currently in a relationship?
yeah but it's not looking too hot
nope and don't plan on it
no but i wish
yes and I'm happy
yeah but i don't really care about it
10. do you get mad easily?
no, rarely
not most of the time, but when I am its bad
i don't care enough to get mad
11. do you find yourself trying hard to fit in?
yeah, it's a bad habit
no i could care less
yeah...thats how you get through life
12. have you ever been cheated on or cheated on someone yourself
not that I know of, and definitely not
yes and no
i can't answer that but yeah I have

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