What is your birthday finger?

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Beatle Obsessed said:
Dec 5 '12, 9:15PM

Index finger... lol

tinktay22 said:
Apr 21 '11, 11:53AM

i got the index finger -Taylor

iluvdolphins said:
Feb 7 '11, 8:09PM

ring finger

Fearless1111 said:
Aug 23 '10, 3:06PM

I don't like this quiz, middle finger!

quizgirl101 said:
Mar 31 '10, 5:19PM

this quiz sucked! srry person but 1st of all what wuz the meaning??????? o well watevs srry but it sucked!

lilly1996 said:
Mar 17 '10, 10:25PM

ok i got index finger but what do you mean by "birthday finger?"

x_brii_x said:
Mar 1 '10, 8:17PM

middle finger..dont stick it up O_0 ik that.. >_< but i hatee my middle finger - my sis sticks it up all the time!!

eagpenfro12 said:
Mar 1 '10, 8:11AM

this quiz was kind of stupid

Puppy xo1 said:
Feb 27 '10, 12:59PM

index :P

ltlbabeangel said:
Feb 26 '10, 6:54PM

Middle finger. >:D

TheDemonSetsuka said:
Feb 26 '10, 6:01PM

I got the index finger...

PJacksonfan said:
Feb 26 '10, 4:43PM

ookk you wanted me to comment it well here your quized sucks!

dulce said:
Feb 26 '10, 3:57PM

well im an index finger thats pretty cool although i feel kinda left out bc my b-day finger isnt the middle one even tho every one else hmmm must mean im unique!

Kudos Dino said:
Feb 26 '10, 11:49AM

lmao! wow the middle finger???lol that finger is always in the air..lmfao!

TheAwesomeness said:
Feb 25 '10, 9:10PM

lol I got the Middle Finger. Watch out, I may use it.

PintoStorm said:
Feb 25 '10, 6:06PM

Ring finger... I really do love guacamole! COOL =D

washingtona said:
Feb 25 '10, 12:11PM


DantheMan478 said:
Feb 25 '10, 8:39AM

What is your birthday finger?
Your Result: Pinky
You are the tiny pinky. You are probably little and a youngest child. I'm an oldest child. You have high hopes that you will accomplish. SPONGEBOB RULES!!!!

WTF I'm twelve, I don't watch Spongebob anymore and I'm the Oldest out of my sister and I. I will accomplish my high hopes though :)

Felicia1 said:
Feb 25 '10, 12:51AM

Haha Middle Finger.Never thought that the middle finger would be my b-day finger.Awesome quiz.

x aka mrlq x said:
Feb 24 '10, 8:04PM

middle finger...... haha! i agree with the comment below this one

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