What is your airsoft position

There is many important position in airsoft and paintball, some positions need to be faster than others. It's always fun to know what position made is for you, so make this quiz!

Are you a as strategist as a commander? As stealth as a scout? As patient as a sniper? This quiz should help you to know what position is made for you in just a some minutes!

Created by: Nick
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What do you do if you see the ennemy approching?
I find a spot quickly and I wait for the right moment to shoot
I open fire and spray everywhere
I start shooting them at long range
I run to their direction
I attract them in an ambush
I go in a bush and start shooting them one by one
4. In a airsoft game, you prefer:
The action
The strategy
Shooting other players
Getting shot
Be stealth behind the ennemy lines
Have fun with friends
5. In a game, do you run everywhere or you prefer to stay spotted?
I find a good spot and I wait for the ennemy to come.
I am in the action running to a cover to another.
I walk to reduce chances of being spotted.
I run in the action to accomplish my objectives
6. When you come face to face with the ennemy, you:
Give a lot of supression fire for your team
Try to flank them
Fight against them bravely
Try to stay back for long range shooting
Try to elaborate a little strategy
Try to be unseen and shoot them
7. When you are aiming an ennemy player, do you shoot:
Almost the half of your loader to be sure that he's dead
One shot, one kill
Just some bbs, without exaggeration
Hum.. If I shoot him, this guy will see me...
What is aiming?
8. There's 3 players against you.
You fall back, but very fast!!!
I'll try to make the more damage as I can.
Oh no! I'm dead...
Supression fire for myself, XD
9. Do you have a camouflage uniform?
No, I don' t need that!
Yes, just a regular soldier uniform.
Yes, I have a big ghillie suit!
Yes, a soldier camouflage with a vest or backpack
10. When you are moving and you don't see any ennemy player, you:
Ask your friend to cover you when you are moving.
I run! There's nobody and it will be faster.
Move with your squad looking everywhere.
Move slowly without making noise.
Stay there and wait for the ennemy approching.
Say to your squad to move and cover them.
11. Before a game, you:
Create a complex strategy
create a little strategy because nobody cares of strategies
Speak about your weekend
Obey to a strategist
12. Do you love the idea of being stealth behind the ennemy lines?
Yes, it's really cool.
No, I prefer to be on the frontline
Behind the ennemy lines, ok, but be stealth...
No, I prefer to be in a safe zone.

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