What is the PERFECT nickname for YOU?!

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Stardust1 said:
Jul 18 '17, 5:49PM

Wow. I've seen better. Though I wish I got fuzzy-wuzzy bunny.

alsdjflkjsadf said:
Jun 14 '16, 2:09AM

"you are overly obsessed with yourself and being depressed. you are attention seeking and really need to get over yourself. you are willing to recieve attention in any form and it is usually pity. Get HELP and get over yourself like now. it will save you evetually. emotional freak" okay chill

Mar 28 '16, 12:41PM


doggylover96 said:
Mar 7 '16, 4:48PM

guys if they call us loosers they are loosers i dont need their nicknames i already have a nickname.!!!!!!!!!! !!

doggylover96 said:
Mar 7 '16, 12:10PM

bla bla bla i am not listening to them they are sooo mean.!!!!!!!!!!!!i hate them i would swear them but i will not.!!!!!!!!

doggylover96 said:
Mar 7 '16, 12:07PM

it colled me looser and i am under the age of 18.
and even called me nerd.

doggylover96 said:
Mar 7 '16, 12:06PM

i hate this it is rude.

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