What is the First Letter of my Soulmate's name?

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Boogerdam98 said:
Apr 4 '16, 6:48PM

T? NO! My soulmate is my mom! M!

Curlyfries said:
Mar 6 '16, 3:14PM

Ummmmmmmmm how did you know that?! His name is Casey and we like each other. The awnser I got was C!

Exboy said:
Feb 29 '16, 4:51AM

I'm not very sure about the letter D. Well, im from a hindu family. Hindu's dont actually use names which starts with D, W, X, Y, Z, I etc..

Exboy said:
Feb 29 '16, 4:43AM

I'm not very sure about the letter 'D'..!!! B'coz im a Hindu, hindu girls names doesnt actually starts with the letter D. Only God knows!!! maybe, i'll find that out soon...!!! there's a girl coming right towards me..

1 Twilight Fan said:
Dec 7 '15, 5:24PM

This is a strange quiz.

1 Twilight Fan said:
Dec 7 '15, 5:23PM

This was all a joke. None of you thought I was serious, did you?

Naivegirl13 said:
Nov 11 '15, 11:59PM

I got 91% J. My first crush's name starts with a J ( I still think we're perfect for each other) I got 88% C. I have a little crush on two different guys whose names both start with C. coincidence?

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