What is the First Letter of my Soulmate's name?

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sgemaniac said:
Dec 10 '17, 6:23PM

I got T

KittyTailchaser said:
Aug 6 '17, 8:27AM

OMG OMG OMG!!! Idk this is probably all just a coincidence but I'm only 12 and already I've met a boy beginning with the letter J, it's probably just a coincidence but I'm so happy! I think I'm in love! Thanks so so so much!!!!

Spinny said:
Jan 8 '17, 5:23PM

Somehow you got it right. T.

ciarelle gloria said:
Jul 1 '16, 7:13PM

what a nice imitation I don't believe my soulmates name is B

oni nema said:
Apr 19 '16, 5:47AM

Awe..... Such a cute love story!!!! Its my dream one but i don't know any guy whose name starts with the sugested alphabet!

firedog said:
Apr 17 '16, 11:59PM

What a joke ! I guess I was just dreaming this would help :-(

firedog said:
Apr 17 '16, 11:54PM

Total Bulls--- !

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