What is the content of your soul?

Some people are nice, some people are mean. Which one are you? Or do you fall somewhere in between? Take this quiz to discover the content of your soul. Are you headed in the right direction?

We have all been raised differently, and we have all been taught different morals. But where do these morals lie on the grand scheme of life? How does your character interact with your soul and show in society? This quiz can give you all these answers and more!

Created by: Watcher of wisdom of Watcher of Wisdom
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3. On your way to work, you spot a co-worker Ted. As Ted bikes to work, his wallet drops from his backpack and onto the road. Ted doesn't seem to notice and he continues riding. What would you do?
Grad the wallet and run after Ted.
Grab the wallet and hold it 'till you see him at work.
Keep walking. I don't like Ted.
No time to stop. I might be late to work.
Grab the wallet and keep it for yourself. You're low on cash anyways.
4. Reading in the park one day, you see a cat that has gotten itself stuck up in a tree. What would you do?
Climb up into the tree and rescue the cat.
Get someone else to climb into the tree or call the fire department.
Stupid cat. Shouldn't of gotten itself stuck up there in the first place.
Eh, I want to finish my book. Someone else will come by and save the cat.
5. You are walking out of a grocery store with a few bags of frozen food. As you head to your car, you notice an elderly woman struggling with her bags. What do you do?
Help the her with her bags
Pay no attention and head to your car
Wish you could help, but you better get home before your frozen foods melt.
Push the women over and steal her bags
6. You are playing in the park with your kids. As you look over behind the slide, you spot two men dealing drugs. What do you do?
Grab the men, handcuff them to a tree, and make a citizens arrest
Call the police
Pay no attention
Rush your kids out of the park
Walk over to the men and ask them for some
7. You are sitting at home watching TV. As you enjoy your favorite television show, a bird smashes into the window. It has broken it's wing. What do you do?
Drive the bird to a local bird rescue center for rehabilitation
Call animal control and have them pick up the bird
Pay no attention
Wish you could help, but you don't want to miss your show
Go outside and smash the bird's head open with a rock to "end it's suffering"
8. You are outside mowing the lawn. A kid rides by on his bike, who then falls off and brakes his leg. What do you do?
Run over to the kid and carry him back to his house where you call 911
Call 911 from in front of your house
Pay no attention. Stupid kids.
Help the kid AFTER you are done mowing the lawn
Point and laugh at the child, and then run him over with the lawn mower
9. You are swimming at the beach. You watch as a small boy falls below the waves and doesn't come back up. You drag him onto shore only to find that he is not breathing. What do you do?
Perform CPR on the boy
Call a life guard so they can perform CPR
Pay no attention and keep swimming
Laugh as the life guard fails to revive him
10. You are sitting at the movies alone. A toddler seated behind you cries and kicks the back of your seat the whole time. When the move lets out, you spot the toddler with her mom. What do you do?
Walk out of the theatre forgiving. Toddlers don't know better
Explain your situation to the manager and ask for your money back
Walk over and lecture the toddler on good manners
Pay no attention and go home
Walk over and cuss them both out
11. After a long day of work, you come home and pass out asleep on your bed. Just as you are getting comfortable, you hear a lot of noise outside your window. It is a bunch of teens being crazy. What do you do?
Try as hard as you can to fall back asleep
Sit in your bed awake for the rest of the night
Open your window and tell them to shut up
Call the police, they'll take care of them
Go outside and scare them away with your gun
12. You are at a family picnic. For lunch, you grab the last hot dog. As you are about to take a bite, a brave squirrel scurries up, snatches the hot dog from your hands, and runs off with it. What do you do?
Sigh, and have the potato salad for lunch instead
Explain your situation and ask someone for theirs
Curse aloud
Immediately get up and grab something else to eat
Hunt down the squirrel and stab it to death with a fork
Eradicate the entire species

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