what horse temperment are you

ther are many types of people and many more types of horses. only some have what it takes to be a good kids horse. kool goop is for kids and dogs eat it and be saved

do you have the chariteristics of a firey steed or a calm kids pony find out here ad hey kool hey go dady go sean is a buffal eat him and be saved from cows of wrath

Created by: kelie of horse rescue
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. your rider suddenly spurs you what do you do
buck them OFF
ignore it they didn't mean to
jump the nearest jump and buck like crazy
stop and rear
just stand there
4. you rider tells you to jump a huge oxer but the aren't ready for it
jump who cares if they fall
go aroud it
stand there
act like your going to jump but refuse at the last minute
freak out you spook at any thing
5. a trailer load of abused horses shows up what do you do
bug them and ask them questions that make them feel bad
welcome them
kick them, fight them, let them kno who's boss!
be as mean as possible
accept them
love them
6. if you are in a show and you have a novice rider what would you do
run, buck, kick, spook
what ever you are told
show off who cares about the rider
go slow and steady
charge the judge
7. you are at a show and there a lot of mares waching you, but there is a three year old on you what do you do
show off
jump a five foot jump and let the kid fall
be gentle you have a little kid on you
show off carefully
buck her off and go talk to the
turn you head aroun to touch the kid's shoe
8. a novice is riding you and is learning how to jump what do you do
spook and buck them off
go at a steady speed over the jump
gallp over it and rear
carefully jump it
jump at a low speed
jump land and do it again
9. you owner was out of town and you weren't turned out for 2 weeks what do you do when she gets back
ignore her
when she opens the stall door run her over
go with her for a ride
nuzzle her
kick her
spook and jump over her
10. you are given a 5 month old pasture buddy whos mom just died how do you treat him
make him remember things that make him feal bad
fight hin and badly hurt him
comfort him
brag about your mom
help him get over it
act normal
11. you don't like bran mash but get it any way because it is cheap what do you do with it
tip the bucket over
eat it any way it's all you'll get
bite your owner the should know better
you dont get bran mash you only eat grass
throw a fit
kick down the stall wall and steal the horse next to you's sweet feed
12. you are running in a small race with your stable mates and have a kid on you what do you do
buck them off and win
go slow and let them have a good time
fun like the wind but slow down if the start to slip
go as fast as they ask
who cares if they fall off i'm wining
go fast enough to place

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