What Hogwarts Professor are you?

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is the oldest and most famous school of magic. The professors there are the best in the practice. They help their students through tough times. We all love them.

What professor are you most like? Are you shy and miss-understood? Or Proud and feared? Or prehaps your like a lion ready to eat? Tale this Bloody quiz and find out already!

Created by: amazon
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3. OH MY MERLIN!!!!! Voldemort has taken seige of Hogwarts! You.....
Join him.....but I'm really not on his side
Gather up the students and evacuate the underage. The ones who are of age and want to, can stay and fight
Make sure my creatures don't get hurt
Tell Severus through my picture to fight with him
Make sure no Dementores are on the grounds
Stay close to Minerva
4. One of your students got a T on their OWLs in your class. You......
Work harder with them so they know what they got wrong
Invite them for tea
Ask Minerva
Sneer at them untill they drop dead
Give them more homework
Ask them if everything is alright
5. The Yuke Ball is comming up. The elves want your favorite candy. You tell them......
Ginger Newts
Lemon Drops
Rock candy
I hate candy!
Moon stone
anything but what the Weasly twins made
6. The first thing you do when you see Harry Potter is......
Sneer at him
Wonder if he knows how handsome he is. He looks just like his father. Exept his eyes. He has his mother's eyes
Move out of his way
say "Hey! How yeh doin?"
Vow to protect him at what ever cost
Hope he hasn't met the Weasly twins
7. The big Qudditch game is here! You root for.....
8. The spell you are best at is.....
Petrificus Totalus!
Expecto Patronum!
My wand was snapped in two a few years ago......
Protego Maxima!
Accio Lemon Drops!
9. You see harry battling Voldemort. You....
Watch in horror as Harry gets hit with a killing curse
Cheer triumphantly as Voldemort falls back
I'm dead.
Cry tears of joy as Harry defeats him
10. You are head of......
None of the above
11. The first place you go in at Diagon Alley is.......
A sweets shop
Eeloypes Owl Emporium
Telescope Shop
12. Your favorite season is.....

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