What height will you be when you grow up?

Do you want to know if you'll be tall or short at the age of 21? This quiz may have a clue to your future! Remember this quiz can't predict the future, so the result you get at the end of this quiz might not be the height you'll be.

Feet inches conversions will be in comments. Are you concerned about your future height? Thanks to this quiz, you'll kinda get a simulation of what it is. Remember this quiz can't predict the future so the result you get isn't 100% accurate.

Created by: blakefiregaze

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How tall is mom?
  2. How tall is dad?
  3. If you remember, until what age did you have a booster seat?
  4. What's your weight status?
  5. What's closest to your usual breakfast?
  6. What's closest to your usual lunch?
  7. Do you exercise?
  8. How many hours of sleep in one night?
  9. If you have siblings 21 or older (or turning 21 by December 31 of the current year) how tall are they on average?
  10. What sports are closest to your type?
  11. Over the last couple years in school, what was your fit in height?
  12. What do you think you'll get?
  13. What do you think the reason your short? (No effect)
  14. What do you think the reason your tall? (No effect)
  15. Remember this quiz won't predict your future, so when your 21 this result isn't 100% accurate. (No effect)
  16. How tall are your grandparents?

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