What Haircut Should You Get

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xevx said:
Feb 23 '10, 11:38PM

bleh i dont want a friggin bob cut!!!!!!!!!!

vampirefreak1997 said:
Feb 18 '10, 7:00PM

Your Result: long hair
You should get long hair! You are girly and depend on your hair for looks! Keeping it long can get old but come up with fun ponytails like wrapping some hair around the elastic or in a messy high bun! This gives you tons of options! Grow your hair out but if you are not patient, just get extentions!

am azing quiz! i already have pretty long hair, and its REALLY wavy/curly so i just strighten it. im a blonde, yes. i dont want wierd long hair, but i want long hair that acually popular.

Jennette291 said:
Dec 26 '09, 1:52PM

What's a bob?

xxobsessivetlxx said:
Dec 26 '09, 12:59AM

awesome!!i was planning to get a bob in the summer!!i wanna get it layered and long swept bangs covereing one eye...hahaha =-)

xxGamer said:
Sep 21 '09, 6:33PM

COOL!i want to get a bob hairstlye.but im just a little bit preppy,probably just 6% preppy.kool quiz!

xxEmoChick69xx said:
Aug 20 '09, 5:36PM

long is chill since that is wat i have. long layered and side bangs cant go wrong there

xXBanisherXx said:
Aug 9 '09, 12:08AM

what are layers???

bella88 said:
Jul 26 '09, 8:00PM

a bob is good!! it doesnt have to be flat and boring... :P

JessXe said:
Jul 24 '09, 5:09AM

Ew a bob?!

Meganium said:
Jul 19 '09, 9:49PM

LOL My dream hair is extremely long, down-to-my butt hair. XD I'm working on it. Being a natural blonde is cool so I like to have it long because it's unusual (at least for natural blondes, who are a dying minority unfortunately). And yet the quiz said a bob. Um, nope. It looks horrible with my face shape; I've tried it. LOL

Christabelle said:
Jun 27 '09, 10:58PM

long hair . i already havee long hair , ahah . :]

flirty2damax said:
Jun 21 '09, 7:58PM

Long hair? i had long hair and i knew it didn't suit me

deathassassin said:
Jun 21 '09, 1:56PM

it has no metal or rock n roll this quiz sucks

Princess_L said:
Jun 20 '09, 6:56PM

Curly. That's pretty cool, cuz I already have really curly hair!

Die Lorelei said:
Jun 20 '09, 8:59AM

Long layers! Cool! Thats the haircut I have right now!!! (allaroundcrazy, relax. its just a fun quiz.)

x aka mrlq x said:
Jun 20 '09, 2:39AM

What Haircut Should You Get
Your Result: bob

You should get a bob! You are preppy and know real style. Get one so it is long in the front but shorter in the back. Also try straight bangs or side bangs! It will add so pazzas! Add volume for a REAL bob!! A bob does not mean a "boy" haircut. Look at Katie Holmes or Rihanna's bob!

long hair


ok.... ...........

megasence said:
Jun 19 '09, 10:39PM

i got long hair...well.i would like to grow out my hair but...i have hair kind of like alice cullen hair...but when that wears out...i'll grow my hair out=)

bella88 said:
Jun 19 '09, 9:19PM

a very awesome and true quiz!
-quiz critic

allaround crazy said:
Jun 18 '09, 1:35PM

i am SO not girly! how DARE u say i am girly

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