What Haircut Should You Get

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kbay19 said:
Jul 2 '13, 5:04PM

I got bob, which is what I want to get, so good quiz!! :) I've always had long hair, though, so it's going to feel sooo different!!

GrayArtist said:
Jan 26 '13, 11:23PM

Haha epic! I got bob :) I've actually thought about getting a shorter haircut but am too scared. Advice?!?!?!

Dark_Vampire101 said:
Dec 27 '12, 6:31PM

Bob! That's actually what I wanted! Cool quiz! 10/10!

mariam2071 said:
Dec 18 '12, 7:51AM

bob...no way:( i hav long hairs nd i love my hairstyle.i look pretty with long hairs

Unexpected said:
Oct 27 '12, 1:35PM

long hair...it's true. just have to grow it out...

LittleMissPunk said:
Oct 19 '12, 10:11AM

haha yeah layers
thats what i already have lol but i wouldn't say its for sports
i didnt choose any of the sporty answers

Miss carrot said:
Oct 8 '12, 3:42PM

Long hair, cool I've had long hair forever but thanks for the ideas!

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