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LittleMissPunk said:
Oct 19 '12, 10:11AM

haha yeah layers
thats what i already have lol but i wouldn't say its for sports
i didnt choose any of the sporty answers

Miss carrot said:
Oct 8 '12, 3:42PM

Long hair, cool I've had long hair forever but thanks for the ideas!

Reesepuffs said:
Aug 18 '12, 10:13PM

i got a bob. not bad, but right now i have layers and i think they look good already.

DreamsAndThings said:
Aug 14 '12, 10:35PM

Same as KaylaEnoki.
I am the complete opposite of 'preppy', and with my wavy hair, a bob would be horrible. The shortest I've gone would be considered an 'overgrown' bob, and it was cute I guess... after I spent 3 hours taming it. Yeah... no.

KaylaEnoki said:
Jul 1 '11, 4:09PM

I got bob, and I do not see myself looking like that. Plus, I try at all costs not to be preppy. However, layers and long hair were very close seconds and that is what I have (long) and what I'm working on (layers).

lilfreakgryl said:
Nov 24 '10, 3:37PM

I got layers, and long second. Hmm not bad :)
Cool quiz, and plus I'm going into my teens so I guess I need to do something at least different with my hair.. But I'm not girly so I dun give much attention to my hair, middle school is filled with enough work already.
teehee ;)

pancake098 said:
Nov 24 '10, 2:37PM

When you take the quiz you know what you are going to get 5/10 stars

nadia410 said:
Nov 11 '10, 6:25PM

a bob??? i dont think imma look right with a bob

skittles15 said:
Nov 11 '10, 1:57PM

layers! my hair is layered. I don't wear it down though. its to curly.

illly said:
Jun 5 '10, 9:50PM

short hair that comes by your chin is a bob btw.... I got long hair.. witch i have BIG SURPRIZE!!!

tomboy9876 said:
Jun 5 '10, 5:31PM

wats a bob???

sugarnspice22 said:
Jun 5 '10, 12:26PM

long hair... really? no. i like hair that's not long but not really short either... like shoulder length. it looks good in me.

id rather get layers.

tomboykaitie said:
Jun 5 '10, 11:01AM

oh... Jennette29, check out "bob haircut" or "Cebebrities who have bob haircuts" on Google. Kate Gosselin had a bob. And I think Rihanna did or does, too.

xXvampiregirlXx said:
May 17 '10, 9:54PM

i HAD long hair and long hair on me looks like i got ran- over- by- a -bus so NO thank you!

starwars1fan said:
May 17 '10, 6:50PM

omg thx u so much! i got a bob and it really wirks 4 me

starwars1fan said:
May 17 '10, 6:49PM

omg thx u so much! i got a bob and it really wirks 4 me

alegnageno said:
Mar 17 '10, 8:53PM

hey i have layers

Feygoddess said:
Mar 17 '10, 4:58PM

bob... =O

hollister said:
Mar 17 '10, 4:25PM

ewwww why a bob. i have long brown hair i would not want an ugly bob. i hate it when people get bobs it's so ugly!

x_brii_x said:
Mar 17 '10, 7:30AM

ewww a bob would look soo ugly on my head! my hair is already long enough (well it's past my shoulders...)

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