What Haircut Should You Get

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love family said:
Dec 9 '14, 10:25AM

layer...hmm..yes..b t my hairstyle..is already..this...peo ple..say...its...su it..me....i...like. .this....quiz...rea lly

TheLoveOfBands said:
Dec 6 '14, 10:42AM

Bob cut. Cx

Cloverbreeze said:
Oct 31 '14, 9:27PM

Yuck layers... I'm not sporty e.e

Stefie said:
Sep 20 '14, 12:12AM

"Curly"......I never wore a curly wig....I've got to try one now.
I'm a male cross dresser, I didn't think of this...lol

jubilee said:
Jul 26 '14, 2:05PM

a 88% bob no thanks lol

anonnnyo4trhnbkn said:
Jul 17 '14, 5:09PM

also why is there even an option for like if you want short or long or wavy etc, this quiz is supposed to give you your result purely based on personality and yet most of the questions had nothing to do with personality

anonnnyo4trhnbkn said:
Jul 17 '14, 5:07PM

weird... i selected that i wanted a hairstyle that was long and i got bob... i also said no bangs and it was recommended? um

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