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  • jesse. well lol i got the best one out of these guys, lol.

    x_saosin_x14 Jun 28 '08, 1:08AM
  • same same

    mmm kayy Jun 27 '08, 10:28PM
  • same with me

    iheartcandy Jun 27 '08, 3:35PM
  • Your Result: Jesse

    OOOH! you got jese, the hot daredevil, hes the good looking one and is obssesed with his hair, he loves going on dates, he is the least mushy one but it still very caring, you could be on a date crusing on the back of his harely or watching his band


    cool. he's my fav character. =]

    Puppy xo1 Jun 27 '08, 3:08PM

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