What Guild Wars 2 Profession Are You?

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Guild Wars 2 is the sequel to the Guild Wars series of games by ArenaNet. It is a new and breakthrough MMORPG that will redefine what it means to be an MMORPG.

This quiz will test to see which of the five revealed professions you are most like. Are you the versatile elementalist, the life sucking necromancer, the wily ranger, the strong warrior, or the protective guardian? Take this quiz to find out.

Created by: Tyler
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3. Your friend is being chased by a bear. What do you do?
Stand in the way of the bear so my friend can get away.
Set up a trap using spare meat from the camp and a wire.
Summon an army of minions to defeat the bear for me.
Charm the bear to be my new best friend.
Beat the bear with my fists until he cries for his mother.
4. Somebody is trying to rob you, and all you have to defend yourself with is a rock. What do you do?
Light the rock on fire and throw it at him.
Set the rock on the ground and make him trip over it.
Take the rock and crush his skull. That'll teach him.
He won't try to rob me. I'm too scary looking.
I don't need a weapon, all I need is my courage.
5. How often do you use magic?
Half of the time.
All the time.
6. My favorite weapon is a....
7. What is your dream job?
A boxer. Or any other job where I get to beat people up.
A manager. It's great to have hundrends of people all following your commands.
A fire fighter. I just want to protect people.
A veterinarian. I just love working with pets.
Any job would be fine with me. I can do anything.
8. Sadly, you have just been fired from your dream job. How do you get back at the man that got you fired?
I'll beat him to a pulp with my huge muscles.
Set up an elaborate trap so that when he opens his office door he'll get a nasty surprise.
Light him on fire. It'll be hilarious.
My minions will rough him up for me.
Why would I ever hurt another human being?
9. You find yourself being robbed again, but this time you have a sword. How do you use it?
I use it with speed and accuracy and I make sure I hit him in his most vulnerable points.
I swing it madly at the attacker, slashing him to pieces.
I use it with elegance, making sure to not let him hit me.
I drop it to the ground. I don't need weapons when I have magic.
10. Intelligence, strength, speed. Choose two.
Intelligence and strength.
Intelligence and speed.
Strength and speed.
11. An enemy fires an arrow at you! Think fast!
Roll out of the way.
Bring up my shield.
Let my minion take the hit.
Summon a magical force field.
12. What type of armor do you wear?
Normal clothing. It doesn't get in the way of my spells.
Chainmail. It'll offer protection while not impeding my movement.
Plate. I'll need it when I'm up close in my foe's face.
Plate armor and a shield. The best offense is a good defense.
The scariest outfit I can find. I want my enemies to fear me.

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