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There are many different professions in the Star Wars galaxy ranging from a blockade running smuggler, to a determined Jedi knight, to a ruthless, trigger happy bounty hunter.

So the question is, who would YOU be in the Star Wars galaxy? Would you be a bold defender of truth and justice, and an enforcer of evil, or a simple soul trying to make his or her way in the galaxy?

Created by: Kassady
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Which of these grabs your attention more?
Looking down onto the lighted up planet city of Nar Shaddar, Taris, Coruscant, etc.
The billions of stars, nebulas, moons, and planets in the realms of space.
A full blown battlefield. Mortars throwing dust into the air. Starfighters clashing overhead. Blaster bolts exchanged in masses between you and the enemy.
Power. Hordes of your loyal followers bowing down before you.
The beauty of the sunset over the rolling planes of Dantooine.
A cargo crate full of credits.
4. What would be your choice weapon?
Blaster Pistol
Blaster Carbine or Rifle
Heavy Weaponry (Rocket Launcher, Concussion Rifle, Rotary Cannon, etc.)
Stun Blaster
I don't need any weapons.
5. What would you care about the most?
The safety of stability of others.
Guns, equipment, etc.
Big Cities like Coruscant
The galaxy can burn for all I care!
6. What species would you prefer to be if you weren't human.
Iridonian (Zabrak)
Mon Calamari
Kel Dor
7. What planet would you prefer to be born from the most?
Nar Shaddar
On a space station or asteroid outpost.
Who cares, as long as I'm okay.
8. You have been in a climatic battle with a dark Jedi. You have badly injured him, and he is at your mercy. What do you do?
Kill him.
Kill him. Slowly
Take the bounty on him. Dead or alive.
Spare him and walk away.
Spare him, and teach him to let go of his hatred.
Nothing, because I wouldn't be fighting a dark Jedi in the first place.
9. You walk into a crowded and lively cantina. What is most likely your business there?
To aquire some information.
To find a bounty.
Start a fight.
Exploring the city.
10. If you could have a ship, what kind would it be?
A star fighter for even performance in a dogfight.
A interceptor for speed.
A bomber for heavy armor.
A freighter for cargo space.
A personal star cruiser
A capital ship. No one will dare challenge your warship.
11. What type of clothing would you choose to wear?
Something that's comfortable.
Light clothing, yet roguishly stylish.
Sleek looking combat armor.
Ceremonial or traditional clothing.
Heavy, bunkered down combat armor.
Something to innitiate fear in others.
12. If you had to choose, which faction or organization would you serve?
I work for myself.
The Hutts
The Galactic Republic
The Seperatist Alliance of Independant Systems
The Galactic Empire
The Rebel Alliance
13. Revan was a powerful Jedi and exceptionally skilled commander who defied the wishes of the old Jedi Council, and took a group of Jedi and Republic troops to assist the Republic in their war against the Mandalorians in the Outer Rim Terretories. Soon, Revan turned the tide of the war, even slaughtering Mandalore the Ultimate himself. Revan pursued the Mandalorians beyond recorded space, and when he returned, he returned as the Sith Lord, Darth Revan with a huge force of Sith warships to conquer the Republic that he'd helped save. How far would you'd have followed Revan?
I'd follow him. The Council would rather debate behind closed doors while the Mandalorians slaughter innocent worlds!
I'd follow him crush the Mandalorians. Then I'd come back with him to conquer the Republic.
He disobeyed the Council. I would not have followed him at all.
I'd follow him just to kill some Mandalorians.
I don't car about the Mandalorians. As long as they stay on the Outer Rim worlds and don't come near the Core worlds, I'll be happy.
14. The Republic has fallen, and the new Galactic Empire has arose. You just happen to be out, and you come across an unconscious Jedi who has escaped from the Imperial Jedi purge. What do you do?
Collect the bounty.
Kill the Jedi.
Take him in and hide him from the Empire.
Alert the Imperial authorities
Walk away and forget what you saw.
15. Which modo do you prefer the most?
May the Force be with you.
Dead or alive, I still get paid.
Another day, another credit.
The galaxy is mine!
Never tell me the odds!
The galaxy's my playground.

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