What Football Position Should You Play!

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Aug 18 '14, 10:55PM

LB ALL DAY!!! Better believe it! NEVER SLOWING!!

TylerS said:
May 16 '14, 8:21PM

I wanted to be a kicker

MeowkittehxD said:
Oct 19 '13, 9:44PM

I am a female, and I wish to be on a football team, but I think my gender hurts my chances entirely. I'm almost 12 years old and in the sixth grade. I don't know requirements, but I'm continuing to look. I'm 5'1 and I weigh in at 86 pounds. (I actually weigh good for my height) I'm not sure what I could be for my team. I'm hoping for a QB if anything. That's what I got on the test. Any help for requirements?

amd1314a said:
Jan 8 '13, 7:18PM

Y U NO HAVE LINEMAN. cuz thats what i am

Bruce Leroy said:
Oct 19 '12, 2:41PM

I wish the results would have included specific goals. If I am to be a linebacker, how fast should I run the 40 yard dash?

Randomly strange said:
Jun 10 '12, 11:06PM

I can see how you consider me a running back, but you forgot about A. P. and the VIKINGS!

Bubbles1774 said:
Feb 22 '12, 5:30PM

I'm a girl and I took this quiz cause I wanna try out for football. Line backer. Not bad! I love takling ppl so it works!!!!

Hunteriscool said:
Jan 25 '11, 3:30PM


Mitch said:
Dec 9 '10, 8:20PM

Fullback? Hmm, I can see that.

beibergay said:
Aug 23 '10, 2:32PM

im best at all

beibergay said:
Aug 23 '10, 2:31PM

im good at everything

beastoftheeast said:
Jul 19 '10, 9:58PM

corner back... Champ bailey, terrence newman, those guy my heroes!

Allielover56 said:
Jan 3 '10, 11:35AM

Your Result: Running Back

You're fast and pretty good at getting where you need to, your one of the most importaint people on the team and score the most touchdowns! Some of the Best Running Backs are Shaun Alexander, LaDanian Tomlison, and Tiki Barber

Quintan AKA Vick said:
Dec 22 '09, 1:36AM

A QB like Vick but shorter

mike321 said:
Aug 29 '09, 12:25PM

yay wide receiver!

riddlebox said:
Jun 24 '09, 12:32AM

im cornerback ima shorty but good b---- i can fly

derek09 said:
Apr 2 '09, 11:12PM

brady all the way

killer777 said:
Mar 14 '09, 4:29AM

steven smith wide recvier

killer777 said:
Mar 14 '09, 4:29AM

steven smith wide recvier

guywithhair said:
Mar 7 '09, 8:47PM

sweet... linebacker!

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