What fairy talent are you?

Fly with you! Have you ever wanted to know what it was like to be a fairy? Every fairy has a talent, something that they are good at. A few Talents include Water, Garden, Light, Animal, and Tinker talents.

But which talent would You be? Answer a few questions and find out! Are a tinker like Tink, a garden talent, like Rosetta, or maybe your an Animal talent fairy like Fawn. Take the quiz and find your true talent now!

Created by: Tinkerbell of Neverfairies
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1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. If you were a fairy, where would you live?
At the top of the highest pine tree.
Floating on a pond in a water lily house.
In a house made entirey of sweet smelling flowers from your own garden.
In a sunflower woth your own chrystal night light.
In a copper tea kettle that you fixed up and turned into a house yourself.
4. What is your favorite item?
My shiny Light Chrystal.
My hammer, it can fix anything.
My garden.
My stuffed animals.
My aquarium filled with exotic fish.
5. What's your favorite activity?
Playing with your pets
Watching fireworks
Tending to your garden
Fixing items and tinkering with your toys
6. What clothes would you rather wear?
Something that blends in with the forest and your trusty birch bark boots.
Something comfy and a belt to keep your fave tools close.
Something blue and floaty with lots of pockets to carry tissues.
Something bright and cheerful with glittery accesories.
Something floral and sweet smelling with sandals for gardening.
7. What's your favorite season?
Spring, all the flowers are blooming!
Summer, sunny days all the time!
Autumn, all those furry animals to help!
Winter, frozen water everywhere!
All of them, as long as I get to help!
8. What's your favorite flower?
Tiger lily
Water lily
All of them!
9. What's your favorite insect?
I don't really have a fave bug
Love them all, their all creatures!
10. What's your favorite place?
The zoo
The botanical gardens
The beach
The planetarium
Your room, you do all you tinkering there
11. What would you rather get for your birthday, if you were a fairy?
A water ring hula hoop
A stuffed animal
A new tool
A sparkly chrystal necklace
A dandelion trampoline
12. What is your favorite game?
Leap frog, with real frogs of coarse!
Swimming in the pool
Playing in the park
Making sandcastles
Playing tag with all my friends
13. What fairy do you think you'd become best friends with?

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