What English (language) Accent Do You Have?

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Skekenon said:
Apr 25 '16, 3:11PM

This quiz seems mostly based on stereotypes and is pretty rubbish overall

ThatNotoriusKid said:
Jan 8 '16, 2:38PM

71% pretty decent I guess..

britishtramp said:
Jun 23 '15, 8:24AM

This quiz is highly incorrect. I'm British (Londoner to be specific) and if there's one thing I know, there's nothing called a British accent. There's thousands and thousands of accents around Great Britain and wow, do you honestly think all Brits say "chap, porridge, mate"?? You're stereotyping all of us. Offensive, really.

MissHannah said:
Sep 26 '14, 2:35AM

Your English knowledge percentage is 75%!
You probably have an Australian or a British accent.You use words like mate,chap,porridge, or trousers.

Actual ly, there is a reason it's called english. Inhabitants of the US or Canada didn't speak english until the english people got there, it was native languages only. So my english is at 100%, not 75% lol

Katleigh said:
Feb 22 '14, 2:23AM

I have a british accent so this was totally accurate, but I'm from South Africa, i just developed the accent along the way. hahahahahaha...

Charityhope97 said:
Dec 23 '13, 10:02PM

I'm American and it said I have a British/Australian accent.. This isn't right

Aug 23 '13, 8:02AM

The questionnaire wasn't so bad. People say I have an Australian accent though I'm from Japan...

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