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LoserLoner said:
Feb 12 '17, 12:29PM

80% Water and 40% for all the other three elements...
WATER, Water... Water
I'm not really a swimmer... coolio. *)3(*

wolfsrain12345 said:
Oct 22 '16, 1:18PM

Earth- 80%
Air- 60%
Water- 40%
Fire- 20%

it's basically going by 20's...first time this has happened.

Haleigh said:
Aug 19 '16, 9:38PM

99% fire. Wow... 11% water... dufuq?

Smileylover10 said:
Jul 14 '16, 2:23AM

80% water and 20% fire :-)

IJB said:
Jun 20 '16, 11:11AM

Your result:earth
I wanted water but oh well

Eaglered578 said:
Jun 8 '16, 7:12PM

Your Result: Fire


You have a short temper. You often act on your emotions without thinking first. You are very competitive. You like to play with fire. You are not a strong swimmer or you can't swim at all. You prefer warm weather over cold weather. You often lose control over yourself. You can be quite reckless. You sometimes hurt people without realizing it. People have often called you insane.




Fairytalea said:
May 25 '16, 6:04AM

Cool! I get 80% air and 80% water.

Jordan the girl said:
May 14 '16, 4:58PM

86% Water,hell yeah

whitewolf73 said:
May 3 '16, 2:48PM


Dragon_Shifter said:
Mar 31 '16, 2:02PM


SuperMinecraft said:
Mar 6 '16, 1:06PM

Senga said:
Mar 5 '16, 2:07AM

Im 90% water.yay!!!

Derpman40 said:
Mar 1 '16, 1:41AM

Yay earth!

ItalyGirl0917 said:
Feb 24 '16, 1:14PM

I got Air, and honestly, the description was 100% accurate LOVE THIS QUIZE!

nightwolf2001 said:
Feb 18 '16, 12:34PM

im earth its all cool man lol

Saria21 said:
Nov 18 '15, 6:20PM

Air awesome I did an element fairy one and got air as well

F5S6 said:
Oct 25 '15, 11:41AM

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DuskArt said:
Sep 13 '15, 6:32PM

great quiz. I got air.

Babeizpink said:
Aug 14 '15, 5:11AM

Lol loved it haha, new I'd get fire because of horrible temper xD

Babeizpink said:
Aug 13 '15, 9:15PM

Lol loved it haha, new I'd get fire because of horrible temper xD

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