What element are you?

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there are mortals and immortals. the immortals are split into four groups that keep the world balanced. where will you fit into the equation. will you create storms, tsunamis, wild fires, or ove growth?

Are you evn an element? for all we know you could be mortal. after all not everyone in the world can be powerful. so will you be fire, so full of anger, water all bubbly and beautiful, air shy and independent, or earth loving and kind?

Created by: Rachel
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Would you rather be...
A god
A mermaid
An angel
A phoenix
A centaur
4. At school you pay more attention to...
My friends
Nothing i dont do anything at school
My school work
both school work and friends
complaining about homework
everyone and everything in the school
5. how many friends do you surround yourself with?
2 or 3, i like small groups
tons...i cant count all of them
i dont have friends
i have a few but i dont pay attention to them
i have around five
i have a large group but they dont like me
6. what is more of your personality
go with the flow
animal lover
7. people think of you as...
a social butterfly
a bully
a tree hugger
a quiet teachers pet
a wimp
a popular kid
8. you wear what kind of clothes?
light weight clothes
what everyone else is wearing
jeans with layers of shirts
daisy dukes and a tank top or cami
jeans and a t-shirt
a skirt and blouse
9. you prefer which set of colors
red, pink, orang, yellow
purple, green, blue, aqua
black, grey, white, silver
brown, gold, baige, tan
10. which of these would you rather eat
berries (any kind)
hot dog
11. where there is a new person at school you...
laugh and tease them
try to make friends with them
welcome them but don't hang out with them
pretend like they dont exsist
you never notice new people
you don't care for it
12. when you are drawing you use...
erasable colored pencils so you can erase mistakes
colored pencils so if you make a mistake it will be light on the paper
markers, you dont care about mistake
regular pencils, you dont want to take the risk of a mistake
paint, if you make a mistake you can make it into something else
13. what symbol would you describe yourself as
butterfly- creativity
sun- heat
star- brightness
moon- independence
heart- love
14. you are more of which
15. when you are at the beach or pool you'd rather
be in the water
watch the clouds
watch everything around you
you like both 1 and 2
16. are you more swift and gracious or loud and noticable
swift and gracious
loud and noticable
17. which would you rather have for a pet?
snake/ black panther
deer/ bunny
dolphin/sting ray
18. which are you most afraid of?
getting burnt
being murdered
getting lost in the woods
19. which power would you rather have?
throwing fire
moving water
growing things
20. most people...
fear you
like you
ignore you
dont know you
love you
21. you'd rather

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