What element are you

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AliD said:
Aug 14 '15, 10:25PM

Water! Yassss I be like Percy Jackson up in here! Sorry I say really random things...:3

Kjnhb said:
Aug 23 '11, 12:29AM

Water! Yeah!

baconcupcake19 said:
Jul 14 '11, 4:45PM

i got water wow i ALWAYS get water on every one of these i try... hmm ideas r formin xD

fhkrgfhuf said:
Nov 6 '10, 11:23PM

oh yeah aw4391 water is the bomb!!!!HHHHOOOOOOO

aw4391 said:
Mar 16 '10, 2:31PM

H2o baby YEAH!!!!!

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