What Eddsworld character are you like the most?

Always wanted to know what Eddsworld character you're most like? This quiz can help you find out! You can test to see which of the main four you represent.

This quiz is mostly based off of pre-legacy Eddsworld. No obvious questions like your favorite color, weapon, drink, etc. This aims more for your personality!

Created by: Ver
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2. What is your gender?
3. Somebody said something really mean to you, how do you react?
angrily yell at them
stay silent, ignore it
try your best to refute their claim
be nice and "kill them with kindness"
say something mean back to them
humor them and agree with their insult
4. You've just woken up from a bad nightmare are you're paranoid now. You...
ignore it, it's just a dream
turn on all possible lights
distract yourself by reading, watching tv, etc.
Wake up a family member/friend to comfort you
hide under your covers
i'm paralyzed with fear!
5. Your best friend is mocking somebody, and tells you to join in. What do you do?
bullying is bad! I wouldn't!
I mean, just this one time...
I don't want to refuse my friend
if the person has done something bad, I don't feel bad mocking them
join in, sounds fun!
make up an excuse to not be involved
6. You just did something really embarrassing in front of tons of people and they're all laughing! What will you do?
run away and hide
cry right there on the spot
try to stay calm and silent
play it off as a joke
yell at them for laughing
laugh with them
7. Oh wow! You've just found a magical genie! You get one wish. Out of these six, which one would you wish for?
to be a billionair
world domination
world peace
to be free of any mental/physical illness or disability
to be able to fly
for a fictional charcter/animal to be real
8. Has anybody thought you were weird because of an interest, or thought you were obsessed with something?
9. Have you ever hurt somebody's feelings without meaning to?
I think I may have, but I don't know
10. Do you see yourself as a leader or a follower?
11. How do you react to the thought of being famous?
I'd love to be famous!
I couldn't care either way
it doesn't interest me
the thought scares me
maybe just minorly famous
12. Your friend has been refusing to talk to you...how do you respond?
maybe I did something wrong?
beg them to talk to me
I can find better friends, anyway
be agressive with them
try to ask one of their friends what's going on
try to ask them why they're acting this way
13. Are you talkative?
only around friends
not at all
14. You just found out the doughnut you wanted to eat was taken by somebody else! What do you do?
whatever, it's just a doughnut
it's annoying, but I wont throw a fit
angrily yell at them
eat something else in sorrow
get revange!
15. You have to take a big test this week, how will you prepare?
preperation? I'll just wing it!
study long and hard
only cover the important stuff
I'll study if I remember to
16. Do you consider yourself an emotionally sensitive person?
a little...
17. When you do something, do you think ahead and/or about the possible consequences?
of course!
sometimes I may rush into things...
consequences? I'm practically invincible!
not at all
I at least try to
18. You do a favor for somebody and don't get thanked. How do you feel?
I'm sure they're thankful I did it....
angry! They should thank me!
maybe I didn't do something right?
I don't care, really
19. Have you ever not noticed something completely obvious, and somebody had to point it out to you?
20. You were invited to a party, but nobody is there...how do you react?
did I get the date wrong?
maybe I should text somebody if they're coming...
maybe it was a prank?
whatever, I'm not concerned
I'll wait a bit, then leave if nobody shows up
it's not like I have anything better to do
21. if you threaten to hurt somebody, how likely are you to follow through with it?
very likely
more often than not
maybe I will, maybe I won't
I usually don't
I never do
22. What creative medium would you say best fits you?

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