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  • Jack russel terrier! That is always what my parents said I would have been. Nice quiz

    Dominic M Mar 8 '16, 4:47PM
  • darn...im a welsh corgi! :(

    jessie123321 Jan 20 '15, 7:47PM
  • this is so right im a husky yes this is lady gaga and my meat dress is eaten

    stormfur May 28 '14, 9:51PM
  • What Dog are You?
    Your Result: Siberian Husky

    You love adventure and the Great Outdoors. You can keep talking and talking for hours without getting tired. You're quick to follow instructions and forget almost nothing.

    horse20024 Nov 19 '13, 8:38PM
  • OMG!!! This is almost scary. The quiz said that I am a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. This the breed I have been breeding and showing for the last 20 years!!! Amazing!!

    oakwind Oct 21 '13, 2:04PM
  • Siberian Husky :D I used to have a Siberian Husky and she was so beautiful, I love this quiz, it's so true!

    Kayla D Mar 31 '13, 10:01AM
  • What Dog are You?
    Your Result: Golden Retriever

    You are always outgoing and bouncy. You are always overjoyed to see your friends and meet new ones. No matter how dark the situation seems, you can always find a ray of sunlight.

    rainbowkitty Sep 22 '12, 3:07PM

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