What does your name Mean?

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Party_Panda6621 said:
Dec 22 '16, 2:05PM

Your Result: S-V

You have the LOOKS. Simpler terms;; You are HOT! You get the most people to like you and you are outgoing. You also have one person in mind, but because you are so popular, you are afraid to say it. You can also get way to Cocky. Good thing you know how to treat your friends well. Your love's first name begins with F-J!

User said:
Nov 13 '14, 3:44AM

Um What does your name Mean?
Your Result: A-E

You are the SMARTEST of them all. You know how to use your mind in hard situations and to make good desicions. You arent ugly, however, you do prefer school over love or looks. You get made fun of SOMETIMES but you will be RICH when you are older. Your love's first name begins with an K-N!





0%W-Z i am WAY not like that. I hate maths and (sometimes) i LOVE playtime and then i can say the f word and s word and b word and all of them (not the c word that isnt cra*

paristchefor said:
Nov 11 '14, 6:16PM

My crush's name starts with E. You said W-Z. He second letter is X. His name is Exceller.(-dreams about Exceller)

paristchefor said:
Nov 11 '14, 6:15PM

My crush's name starts with E. You said W-Z. He second letter is X. His name is Exceller.(-dreams about Exceller)

minami iwasaki said:
Apr 1 '13, 3:28AM

N so accurate because she was my partner at our school concert but the girl with me now is letter e

absol heart said:
Jan 29 '13, 10:14AM

Not very accurate. Some questions didnt fit me at all.

tenten16 said:
Jan 29 '13, 12:12AM

Oh my god, 100% accurate. Supposedly the smartest of them all. Interesting. Crush's name begins with K-N? Yeahh....

Puppydog said:
Oct 2 '12, 6:10AM

Holy s*** thats accurate. XD I got s-v and thats what my name starts with: I didn't get any other bars filled up with anything at ALL! It said I was hot and to be honest people do say I'm pretty. Also, it said my boyfriends name started with an F-J. I don't have a boyfriend (any more) but once in primary I had a boyfriend who's name started with a J so yeah.

VIPYasmin said:
Oct 2 '12, 2:23AM

My name starts with F and ur almost right:) But I'm not so sensitive coz I sometimes dont care about others;P

Alyssa pop said:
Sep 27 '12, 4:37AM

this quiz is soooo not true,exactly the opposite 4 me

FurbyRuxpin said:
Sep 27 '12, 1:36AM

R. So accurate! Worked great for me.

Cassaqazqaz said:
Jan 30 '12, 8:14PM

if this quiz is so bad, how come its on the top page
also how could you ever expect a quiz to know everything about your life, i would be more worried if it did than if it said something like your smart or wateva but your actualy not
nice quiz i enjoyed it :D

HPFreak123567 said:
Nov 1 '11, 8:35PM

cuz i took this quiz again and didnt answer the what does ur name start with and all of the result bars were completely empty! Gosh people if you are going to make a quiz make it right!

HPFreak123567 said:
Nov 1 '11, 8:32PM

yea so i see all the other questions except the what does ur name start with dont have any effect. Thius quiz sucked

Loony Luna said:
Nov 1 '11, 5:11PM

Absolutely everything you said about me was true.. Scary as hell dude..

akkilla said:
Jan 31 '11, 10:37PM

My gf's name starts with an R

akkilla said:
Jan 31 '11, 10:35PM

w-z my gf's name starts with an R this is so stupid

akkilla said:
Jan 31 '11, 10:34PM

w-z my gf's name starts with an R this is so stupid

briarofnighthale said:
Jan 12 '11, 9:04PM


HappyHaley11 said:
Jan 12 '11, 1:03PM

not good that description is complete opposite...

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