What do you know about St George?

It's St George's Day on April 23 - but how much do you know about our patron saint? All across England many people will be marking the occasion, but how many actually know much about the man himself?

We won't just be testing you on his life, but also the other ways he is honoured around the world. So are you English through and through? Find out with this quiz!

Created by: nfahy of Nottingham Post
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  1. Which year did St George die in?
  2. Where did St George die?
  3. Which army was St George in?
  4. Which city is St George the patron saint of?
  5. According to medieval legend which animal did St George slay?
  6. St George is also the patron saint of...
  7. When did St George become patron saint of England?
  8. Virtually every country in Europe and the commonwealth has a church dedicated to St George
  9. What does St George's cross look like?
  10. Which disease is St George the patron saint against?

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Quiz topic: What do I know about St George?