What do the Naruto characters think of you? (Girls only sorry I'l

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Eveasaur said:
Jun 19 '14, 12:49AM

TTuTT finally a quiz with kankuro in it!!!

knightfury said:
Mar 18 '13, 2:15AM

my bf is Gaara yay!!! i got a 100 % i am so happy :))

AkemeWolf said:
Jan 13 '13, 8:49AM

i love your quiz :)

tenten16 said:
Nov 26 '12, 9:14PM

Bf:Gaara Bff:Shino and Hinata
Naruto:"She knows the pain I've been through." Sakura: "Quiet" Sasuke:"..." (likes you but Gaara would kill him) Kiba: "I don't understand her" Shino:"She is kind" Hinata:"my best friend!" Neji:*is scared of Gaara* Lee:*gulp* Tenten:"Very strong" Gaara:*blush* "She makes me feel.....love..." Kankuro:"She's cute but if I said that to Gaara he'd kill me." Temari:"My little brother is happy around her and makes him SMILE!!!!"

I like the quiz, and I loove Gaara! Yay!! Neji was only in the hate question though...:( Anyways, good quiz!

Frosti said:
Sep 26 '12, 2:50AM

eUe Ah... Gawt.. NEJEH!!! SCREW SASUKE HE'S STUPID AND HIS FANS 2 (im not a Neji fangirl though. I remember I whipped my hair and my hairstyle looked like his OuO)

Yondaime4 said:
Jul 4 '12, 2:36PM

Naru-chan people do say im to loud figures o well im happy

Stown said:
May 2 '12, 8:57AM

i love gaara my mom thinks im crazy.. so dus my sister. i cant help it, hes so sexy..

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