What do people label you?

Right now, people just like you are out there. Obviously they're not exactly like you, but they have some similar personality traits. They're labeled the same as you are: normal, creative, popular, preppy, jock, or rebel.

So which one are you? You're not a perfect stereotype (at least hopefully not) but people are probably labeling you something. Don't you want to know? So take the quiz@

Created by: amazon
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What do you do after school? (For all of the questions, pick the one closest to what you do)
The average: homework, hanging out with friends, maybe playing sports Whatever
I'll probably get started on my latest art project.
Hanging out with my friends and totally ignoring all the losers. And probably SHOPPING
I'll probably be doing homework or sailing and hanging with my friends.
At sports practice obviously. Hockey, football, soccer, I play them all!
Protesting and listening to alternative rock music.
4. What do you look like?
Mousy brown and dishwater blonde hair, brown eyes
Streaked or dyed hair, color contacts eyes, sometimes my eyes change color
Blonde hair--I have it professionally styled and blown out and my eye color is deep brown, light blue, or light green
Brown or red hair, and brown eyes
Natural hair--it's just pulled back in a ponytail and my eyes are blue or brown
5. What is your style?
I don't know normal? T-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. Sometiems I wear preppier clothes, but just because everyone else is.
I design a bunch of my own clothes or pick them up at crazy ethnic boutiques--no one else has my clothes! But I get complimented a lot on them.
The latest Designer clothing! I get it straight off the runway but sometimes I have to resort to (shh) knock offs (shudder).
I like to wear polos, khakis, and plaid skirts. I like cardigans a lot too. I follow kind of a clean-cut parent-approved style.
I usually wear my sports jerseys everywhere with sweat pants and sneakers--I'm ready to get on the court at any time!
I wear clothes that come across with a point, like Recycle. Or I'll wear concert t-shirts.
6. Describe your friends.
I don't know . . . normal. They're nice.
They're kind of artsy--theater or painting or anything.
They're popular like me! My BFFs would never abandon me . . .. although sometimes they do spread some pretty bad rumors
They're nice people and sometimes make me laugh. We pretty much like to do the same things
They're all into sports like me.
They're my protesting buddies! And sometimes we even go to concerts.
7. How do you in school and what are your favorite classes?
Bs pretty much. I'm more focused on other stuff.
As in art classes (YAY!) but Bs and Cs in all of those boring 'academic' classes
As, and the occasional B. I like those more "boring" classes like social studies, English, math, and science.
I have to maintain a B average to stay on my sports teams, so I pretty much just scrape by. But science is probably my favorite.
I do well in my debate club outside of school, but I don't really like the whole conforming in classes thing.
8. Here's a cliche question: You're on a desert island and you can only bring two things. What are they?
Food and water.
Art supplies and wood (maybe i can build a house--or a boat)
My BFFs and my cell phone
I would never have gotten here in the first place: my sailing is just too good to get lost.
A basketball and my team
Protesting materials and a boat
9. It's Saturday night and you are REALLY sick. What do you do?
Take Tylenol.
Compose a poem as to how much I hate being sick.
Go out and PARTAY anyways: sick? please! it's probably nothing a little extra foundation and blush can't cure.
I guess I'll have to stay home and work on my school project. Maybe IM my friends.
Stay home and watch ESPN.
Start penning complaint letters to my senator or listening to some hardcore music.
10. You just got a once in a lifetime opportunity! What is it?
To do something that everyone's dreamed of--like acting in a major movie.
A famous musem asked me to showcase my art. Or a famous publisher asked to publish my novel.
Me and all of my friends become models--free clothes, and putting down the plus-sized models: there's nothing better!
I was asked to play tennis against a wealthy socialite!
I got drafted first pick onto a professional sports team.
I got elected as President of the US. Or I got to go up on stage with my favorite rock band.
11. Your friend just decided they're not going to college. What do you do?
It's their decision and you accept it or completely sever ties with them.
Well as long as they have a valid reason: like they just got offered a major book deal or gallery show. As long as they're chasing their dreams and not being a slacker, it's cool.
Spread a rumor about them behind their back.
Give them a lecture about how they should not only go to college but even go Ivy League. If they need help academically, you will be there!
Dude, what about college sports?
It's 100% their decision. As long as they stick with your protests and concerts, you're cool with it.
12. If you had to be a color, what color would best fit with your personality?
Blue. Prettty basic and ordinary. The color of jeans. It's pretty hard to hate blue.
Orange! Totally out there and wild. I might not have that many supporters but I'm perfectly cool with myself.
Pink (if you're a girl) or dark blue (if you're a guy)--totally fits my personality but also is something that other people love a ton!
Pastel pink or kelly green or white or beige--classically cool
Red. The color of my jersey. They say that teams who wear red have a better chance of winning.
Brown. Come on give the browns a little love! It's so out there that some people hate it--but you're cool with that!
13. Your opinion on sports?
Um . . . they're okay. I'm more of a spectator though--I can follow the game but I'm not too into playing.
I'm into the bizarre sports like rugby or curling YEAH CANADA. So I like the Olympics but not really football or anything like that.
I need to follow it so I can keep up with my significant other but it doesn't mean anything to me.
I like skiing, tennis, golf, and sailing: country club type sports. But football and basketball and soccer are just so . . . barbaric *shudder*
I'm into individual sports but it's so lame how on a team we're all expected to "work together"
14. You hear a nasty rumor about you. What do you think?
That's so horrible. Who did this?
People don't usually gossip about me. I confess: I enjoy my brush with fame. It can't last forever!
That has to be my best friend! I knew they were mad when I blew them off yesterday!
That is really lame and tarnishes my image.
I'm gonna pound that little @&*$^% into the ground!
Oh whatever. Get a life.
15. What do people love about you?
I can blend with anyone!
I always stand out of a crowd and am really unique and creative!
I have great style and am popular!
I am really clean and pure!
I'm great at sports!
I'm never afraid to be different and express my opinion!
16. You hear from your friend that there's a pop quiz today! You don't have that class until afternoon. What do you do?
Um obviously I look through the notes a little bit but try not to worry about it too much.
How am I supposed to do well? I'm not going to study during art--that's totally stupid! URRRGH
My friend's probably lying to freak me out. Whatever, I don't care.
Channel your anger into your sport.
Get the entire class to cut the rest of school That'll show them!
17. THERE IS A HUGE CRISIS! What is it?
Who knows. I have a bunch of mini crisises throughout my life.
All of my friends decided they hate me!
I failed a class!!!!!
All of my teams have no wins this season.
18. What do people hate about you?
Sometimes I'm too much like everyone else.
I'm too out there for some people.
I can be really mean.
I can be too conservative, and sometimes I flaunt my wealth in others' faces.
I'm too obsessed with sports.
I rebel against EVERYTHING.
19. The school assigns table captains for each lunch table to "minimize the trash" and help clean up.
This i s not a question.
I'm all for helping out: maybe I'll even make some posters or write some essays that encourage others to clean up after themselves.
I am immediately elected captain.
I volunteer, but just to get on the administration's good side.
I miss lunch a lot so I can keep up in school or for sports practices, so there's no chance I'll be elected.
Get the entire school to leave trash everywhere: a clear message to the administration--DON'T MESS.
20. Last question! What's on your mind?
Thank God this terrible quiz is over.
I need to know: I hope I'm not average!
Hmm? Oh sorry I was IM-ing during this question.
I need to get back to my homework after this.
Ech, at least this wasted my time--I was supposed to be doing science homework.

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