What Disney Movie Should You Watch?

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SunLover said:
Aug 23 '17, 9:33AM

Great quiz! I had a lot of favorites on that list, but I would enjoy Zootopia.

Lynetta said:
Apr 30 '17, 10:02AM

I Should You Watch Tangled! It's one of my fav Disney Movies!

ashycadashy said:
Nov 28 '16, 6:06PM

HAHA I got my fave movie!!!!!!!!!! Tangled for the win!

SingerSentral said:
Nov 26 '16, 4:18PM

I got Tangled. I love that movie!! ^_^

Ilove1D01 said:
Nov 26 '16, 10:40AM

Where's frozen?

purplepink01 said:
Sep 24 '16, 2:40PM

84% lady and the tramp! I love that movie so much, but it still surprised me I got that as my top result. Excellent quiz and you should make more!

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