What Colour Is Your Aura?

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Mozz_You said:
Oct 25 '12, 7:04PM

red aura.. it perfectly fits me D:

Mozz_You said:
Oct 25 '12, 7:03PM

red aura! it perfectly fits me D:

nadia said:
Dec 3 '10, 7:49AM

i have a blue aura...it's interesting and it fits me very well!i like it!

kittylovermira said:
Nov 24 '09, 3:24PM

hmm, i got green, as i have for other aura quizzes, but the description seems VERY different from others'... so now i'm not sure what to think, except this description of green doesn't fit me very well, as opposed to others' descriptions of green, that DO fit much better.

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