What color should you dye your hair? (Boys & Girls)

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FarahTheOne said:
Jan 19 '18, 4:42PM

Girl-Am I pretty
Gir l-Do you wanna be with me forever
The girl walks away, hurt. With tears running down her face as the boy grabs her arm.
Boy-You're not pretty, your beautiful. I don't want to be with you forever, I need to be with you forever. And I wouldn't cry if you walked away, I would die.
Boy-Please stay
Girl-I will
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LoserLoner said:
Feb 12 '17, 11:51AM

Brown... My hair is already brown!
You should dye your hair brown. It's the easiest, least time-consuming change from the color you have now. It will involve little or no bleach, so that means less damage to your hair. If your hair is already brown, then it is the perfect color for you. But, you can still make it a lighter or darker shade of brown. Here are some ideas: Ash brown, dark brown, light brown, chestnut brown. Don't dye it auburn, however. That will not look right.

sheridan said:
Mar 28 '16, 3:48AM

ok... it`s not color, it`s colour.

Hedwig7 said:
Feb 25 '16, 12:21AM

Ok im dying my brown hair brown

FrenchGirl said:
Nov 11 '15, 11:27AM

Lol they "same color, if you really wanna dye your hair, choose the second answer
and it's black; i said i did not wanted to dye my hair black !

cece246 said:
Oct 1 '15, 4:14PM

my hair is blond gosh (im not being mean) :)

Vortexkun said:
Sep 24 '15, 10:55AM

Why the hell would i dyey hair brown if it'ws alreadt brown?

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