what color is your Aura??

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Luna Siren said:
Sep 20 '13, 9:45PM

what color is your Aura??
Your Result: Purple

You tend to be a goody-goody but then again you have a really nasty temper! When you want to you can be nice and do wonderful things for people?? yet when people make you mad you tend to get your fiery temper all as i say fired up so be careful!



Exac tly like me! :3

randomblonde said:
Apr 29 '12, 3:16PM

i dont have a temper. way to make me feel like crap. :'( im not mean and i dont overeact. this message is not in a mean way just to let u kno.

akyla757 said:
Sep 7 '11, 11:50PM

I'm not really a purple.....

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