what color describes you?

what color best describes your personality? Are you a total sweetheart, or a complete drama queen? many people assume they are kind, or have anger issues, but many are the complete opposite. take this quiz to find out your true color. take it! you know you want to:) please no bad comments

what color best suits your personality? are you red, blue, purple, yellow, or green. many people use mood rings to see what their mood is, but that doesnt actualy tell you what you are. take this quiz and find out. hope you like it:)

Created by: Alybby of twitter
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3. someone just told you to f*** off. you don't even know them, so you:
OH HELL NO!!! b!tch get back here!!!
flip them off and walk away
oh, uhm, who are you?
that's cool
ignore them and go pick flowers
start to kiss them...they're hot
4. you see a hot guy/girl crying, you:
oh get over it you baby
time to get your flirt on "aww, why are you crying?"
ignore it, you already have a gf/bf
"time to cheer them up!;D"
give them a flower
simple, walk up to them and ask what's wrong
5. someone walks up to you and says "i really like you" you:
go to hell you creep
oh, uhm, hehe
where's my rose?
i like you too!! *starts to kiss them*
*smiles then walks away..blushing*
6. your worst enemy keeps saying mean things about you to your best friend, you:
b!tch!!! GET AT ME SON!
looks like they aren't getting any flowers
smiles, nothing will ruin your mood
you wanna play that game huh?! *runs up to their bf/gf and makes out with them*
7. someone calls you immature, you:
aw, thank you!
get at me!! i'm perfectly fine woth the way i act!!
guess who's not coming in my treehouse now..
*kiss them* what? they never said they didn't want to kiss you:)
if im immature then give me my flowers back!:'(
8. half of your friends say your crush likes you, the others say he doesn't. you:
ask him yourself, and if they do, ask them out
does it look like i give a horses a$$ about your opinion?!
*smiles at your crush.* what, he/she stared ar me first!;)
*picks a flower* they love me, they love me not, they love me, they love me not...
act natural..moo
9. you find out your best friend likes the same person you do, you:
wanna fight?! he/she is mine!
it's okay
start to kiss your crush right in front of them
let him/her have them. even though you had dibs
ahh, pretty flowers
10. oh no! someone took the last cookie from the cookie jar!
that b!tch!!! that cookie was mine!!
oh welll
time to make more:D
ignore it and go in your room, taking pics of yourself..your sexxi and you know it
click me, click me, click me. oooo! a unicorn!!
11. did you like this quiz?
do not pick this one
yeah! it was cool
yeah, sure
oh, what? sorry i was checking myself out haha
12. did you choose the one i told you not to?
you bet i did! gotta problem with that?!
damn, im mad sexxi
no..maybe...yes v.v
maybe i did...maybe i didn't. YOU'LL NEVER KNOW:P
13. will you rate/comment?
hell no! you don't deserve it!!
yeah sure
ill rate it
ill comment

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