What College Football conference are you?

There is not only a level of college football in America, there is a distinct level of fan and personality which is attributed to the team and conference you cheer for. See which conference best describes you.

Are you a powerhouse? Do you play tough, or maybe you always fall short? Are you freestyle and fun-loving? Take this quiz to find out which college football conference is right for you!

Created by: Kris
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. If I constructed a college football offense, it would be:
West Coast
Pro Sets
4. If I constructed a college football defense, it would be:
4-3 Standard
3-4 Aggressive
Nickel Cover 2
Prevent Zone
Eight in the Box
Any Kind of Blitz Package Works
5. I believe Special Teams should be used:
To make a play and change momentum
To dictate field position
To kick field goals and win close
To punt seven times
Punt? Are you kidding?
I'm going for it!
6. I believe the overtime system for college football is:
Great - Let's play seven of them
Don't we score enough already?
Just freaking tie, we don't care
Overtime? More kissing of the 12th man!
7. The greatest Heisman Trophy winner ever is:
Archie...the dude won two of them
Marcus...and Tony...and Reggie...and Matt...
Charles Woodson, you know, the defensive guy
Peyton Manning...oh, wait, what? He didn't win?
It should have been Vince Young
Chomp! Chomp! Gator in the House!
8. The perfect college football atmosphere is:
Vol Navy, the Swamp and Death Valley
The Big House and The Big O
The Blackshirts and the 12th Man
The Coliseum
9. This bring tears to my eyes...oh, the memories!
"My God, A Freshman!"
A Happy Valley White Out
10. When I think of coaching, I can't help but think of:
Woody and Bo
The Bear
Carroll and Tedford
The Ole Ball Coach
Joe Pa
"I'm a MAN! I'm 40!!!"
11. The best way to win a football game on a final play would be:
Hail Mary pass
A goalline defensive stand
Blocking a field goal
Kicking a field goal
Going for two
Just kneel on it
12. Our women:
Look better than yours
Pucker up!
Named our kids Joe, Bo and Peyton
Bundle up and snuggle
13. College football uniforms should be:
Classic style
Innovative and created by Nike
Straight letters and bold colors
Double colored stripes and bold logos
14. A great football tradition is:
Boomer Sooner!
Hook em Horns
Hail to the Victors
Cal vs. Stanford
Rocky Top
15. The last Saturday of college football should be:
Rivalry games
A league championship
A week off
16. My feelings toward the postseason system are:
The Grand Daddy of Them All
Playoffs? You Want to Talk About Playoffs?
We Don't Care. Just Name the Place.
Plus One....please

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