What Character from Thirteen are you most like?

You may be a fan of the movie Thirteen but it could be possible that you also possess the same characteristics as Evie or Tracey.Take this quiz to see if you're like one of these girls!

Are you like Evie? dangerous, wild,A leader.Or are you more like Tracey? A girl who tries to be what she's not just for a shot at popularity. Find out the answer.

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2. What is your gender?
3. When you're with friends do you?
Do things your way no matter what they think
Let what they think affect what you do
4. You're at a party and drugs are offered, how do you react?
I love getting high, pass it over!
I normally don't do them but it's a party right?
5. A friend of the same sex tries to kiss you, do you?
Kiss them back, it's something you were always curious about
Push them away, that's disgusting!
6. Your friend decides to wear a revealing outfit to get the boys attention so you..
Wear one too
Wear something more revealing, that was your idea first!
7. Your mom tells you you're grounded and you decide to
Sneak out of the house anyway
Stay in your room and cry about it
8. You get arrested for something your friend did,what will you do?
Tell the cops it was your friend who did the crime
Keep your mouth shut and take the fall
9. That really cute guy is your friend's boyfriend but he tries to get with you behind her back, you
Decide to fool around with him, she doesn't have to know
Tell him to bug off, you're not that kind of girl
10. An older guy offers to take you out, you're response will be
Sure, I love older guys
No way, older guys make me want to puke!
11. How do you feel about being nude in front of other people?
Doesn't bother me
I'd never be able to do that
12. Are you the one who usually leads the crowd?

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