What Character Class Are You?

Ever wondered wether youd be a better knight or caster? now you can find out! This is all about which FF1 character class you are most like, so the end results could be Red, Black, or White Mage, Fighter, Rogue, or Monk.

Set up story style, like a sort of choose your own adventure! you are given various scenarios and have to decide what you would do, not what i expect you to do

Created by: Nikolai
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3. You wake up in the morning and....
quickly put on a large hat to hide your face
yawn and look out the window
give some of your food to a homeless child
make sure no one took your stuff in the night
shine your sword
meditate and then work out
4. you step out the door and a wimpy little imp attacks your shins. you...
stab it in the face. stupid imp. messing up my pants... *grumble*
light it on fire and kick it away
ignore it, it can't hurt you and is practically defenseless
pick it up and put it back in the woods, its probably just lost
kick it down the street like you would a rock
pet its head and walk away
5. you discover the king has been kidnapped! you are asked to go save him! what to do?!
i'll do it if they pay me a bunch
hm... excuse to blow stuff up. i'll take it!
do i get to cut monsters in half? yes! score!!
no question. i have an obligation to go save him
it's the right thing to do to save anyone
hm.... i bet i could get some favors from him if i do save him...
6. you go if to save your king and... o noes! it's a dragon!!
i will slay it with my blade
hm... ice would be very effective against a fire thingy
jump on it's head, stab it in the eye, and keep going for weak points
um... talk it down? *wimper*
7. your plan... is failing. of crap the dragon's gonna eat ya! you're staring down it's throat as it goes to bite you and you....
freeze its mouth openwith a flick of the wrist and then freeze the inside of the body
stab it in the fleshy mouth
aren't there anymore. you're under it, stabbing it
create a defensive shield
run into its throat and punch it in the larynx
cut a hole in its cheek and run away through it
8. It slowly dies, but in its dying breath... OMG YOU'RE ON FIRE!
you cool yourself down with some water form the nowhere
heal yourself. all better
don't care
jump in the water
move so fast the fire goes out
run in a panic
9. you're not on fire anymore. that's good. but now... where the hell is the king?
you look carefully at the ground. footprints? follow.
close your eyes and try to sense him
climb a tree and scan the area
wander aimlessly and find something after a while
look at the sun and use it to direct yourself
know the area and how to get where you want
10. you discover ruins. oo... ruins that's where badguys put kings every time!
storm the place!
sneak in
walk in calmly
shake the entire place with electricity
yell "hello?" politely
knock on a doorframe and chuckle
11. you enter the ruins. you can't see anything it's really dark
your eyes adjust quickly. they just do that
you make a little ball of fire for light
you use the dark for cover, but can't see where you're going
pull a lantern out of your pack
don't care
follow the wall
12. Itsa door. yay!
i bet the king's on the other side. BOOM! no door!
open quietly and sneak through
the door is on fire and kicked down
run through yelling a battle cry
open it calmly
13. it's a very bright room. weird. oh.. a big guy with a sword.
you make a face and raise your weapon annoyedly
and now he's on fire!
stab him
disappear and then reappear behind him with your knife drawn
jump at him and punch
14. he's dead quickly silly swordsman, fighitng a hero and then the room turns back to a normal, darkened ruin. hey... thats the king!
run over compasionately and untie him
flip your hand around and his bindings are undone
walks calmly over and cut the ropes with a knife
untie him and say "i will return you to the castle now" stoically
smile and wonder how much cash you'll get
ask him if he needs any help, laugh, and help him
15. time to take the king home. but now it's also night... sleep?
i can soldier on through the night, carry the king if he gets tired
bed is good. i'll sleep, but i'm a light sleeper, i'd notice something coming
*already snoring*
sleep in a tree above the king
set up a tent and go to bed
stay up all night guarding him
16. you reach the town! yay! first thing you say?
That was fun...
When do i get my reward?
i am happy you are safe, my king.
damn... no excuse for fire anymore
i'm so hungry....
wow... so tired....
17. you are invited to the castle and meet the royal family. due to a random turn of events the prince/princess suddenly has a crush on you!
oh dear.
hm... that's nice
royal family... sounds good to me *smiles*
uh... i don't think the king will like that
fun! i'm not single anymore!
18. through another random turn of events, you are alone with the prince/princess in a garden. the moonlight shines across their face, blah blah blah, romantic scene here
kiss him/her you fool!
take their hand
smile politely
quietly cite poetry to them
big hug!
blink and not notice
19. OMG! they kissed you! what now? AHH!
nod towards the hallway (hint hint, nudge nudge)
whisper "do you think anyone saw that?"
smile doofily
rest your head on their shoulder
stand in shock
20. and now you go to bed...
NOT! it's night! i love the night!
right beside your newfound lover :)
in your private room at the castle
in the barracks
at home
in the same room as the prince/princess

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