What breed of horse are you?

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NosyPony said:
Jul 29 '15, 4:22AM

Horses have only been around for about two hundred thousand years, we can't ride a Hyracotherium can we? The very first horse was the size of a large rat. Invalid Information, also it needs more of a variety, TBs (Thoroughbreds), and Quarter Horses are both the fastest horses in the world, but the Thoroughbred is a bit faster and goes about 36,39-40 MPH.

warriorcats4ever said:
Jan 15 '15, 7:42PM

quarter horse
Giddy up! Your the horse used in all those Western movies, and you help cowboys and girls round up cows. Your quick around barrels and poles, and around the jumper course. Your basically the all-around equine!

i am not quick, but ok XD

TeamJasper said:
Dec 27 '14, 5:29PM

Dutch Warmblood. I was kind of hoping to be Welsh so i could go up to my horse and be like TWINIES

Mezza123 said:
Nov 3 '14, 6:37PM

Welsh pony! IT SOOOOOOOOO fits my personality

wolfgirl16 said:
Oct 18 '14, 9:41PM

Welsh Pony. not what i expected and not exactly me. i don't really like ponies anyway would rather be a horse.

NatureGirlWolf said:
Aug 11 '14, 12:14AM

welsh pony
I don't even like ponies

Howlermoon said:
Jul 20 '14, 4:27AM

Appaloosa yaaaaaayyyyyy I luv dem so much :)

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