What Breed Of Dog Are You?

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Animelover9 said:
Jul 10 '15, 12:41AM

not at all accurate

Yay exotic said:
May 9 '15, 1:50PM

Um rottie doesn't match....

DogsLover said:
Sep 24 '14, 8:16AM

Yay! Chihuahua!

Flareon726 said:
Sep 23 '14, 3:41PM

I am a Jack Russel and the results describe me well. Good quiz!

Mig2944 said:
Aug 8 '14, 4:58AM

Keep getting jack russel in every quiz I take

Myth said:
Feb 28 '13, 6:51PM

Rottie..... Ya no, I'm a total pushover but good quiz

chocolate127 said:
Nov 24 '12, 5:12PM

im not really a labradour but ok,im most like a cocker spaniel,but its your quiz!

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