What Bon Jovi Song Are You?

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katy23 said:
Jul 28 '11, 2:13PM

im living on a prayer....literally

Pretender said:
Mar 7 '11, 12:04AM

Great quiz

Athura said:
Feb 28 '10, 7:07PM

I'm Living on A Prayer...you know I never even considered that that song would be by Bon Jovi...I've never even really thought about who it was by, i just liked the song.

Ansa89 said:
Jul 14 '09, 1:02AM

i'm keep the fainth. kinda like me. i don't believe in war. why fight when you can just talk?!!! anyway, who the heck is bon jovi?

xxSICMAGGOTxx said:
Mar 16 '09, 1:51PM

Lots of people are getting livin on a prayer.I got keep the faith.

123skaterdude said:
Jan 2 '09, 12:16AM

livin on a prayer like that songXDDD

TheAwesomeness said:
Aug 28 '08, 7:14PM

Livin' on a prayer...i dont really like bon jovi but i was just curious lol

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