what body part are you most like?

body parts tell you alot about a person like what kind of people they hang out with what they like to do and what they drink at parties and other stupid stuff so take this wuiz right now!!!!!!!!! im serious!!! actually i really dont care what you do!!!!

take this quiz the results are amazing and you can find out your destiny...you are gonna be suprised and this one quiz will change your whole life im not kidding so take this quiz right now!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: clair of clairrules.com
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3. when your at a party and your friend offers you a drink you say:
only if i can have three more after
no way! im a good church girl who doesnt like to have fun! count me out! hehehehe
umm whats beer?
uh im too drunk to answer that
no beers not my thing im more into shaving my back
dude dont you watch tv? live above the influence!!!
4. your at school and your crush just asked you to kiss him you say:
finally i have been waiting
of course baby plant one on me right now!
no no no kisses are yucky!
sure why not..
no your lips are sweaty
ohh im so nervous i think im gonna faint!
5. you want to eat pancakes but your gut tells you to starve yourself what do you do?
eat the pancakes! you cant let good food go to waste!
starve i want to die anyways
i dont know it depends on what im doing
i would eat my foot
6. your really bored and it a friday night what do you do?
call up my homies
read the bible
party at a club
eat food
go do it with my boyfriend
cry myself to sleep
7. your going to prom whats the color of your dress going to be?
hot pink
goth black
sexy red
deep blue
8. whats your favorite kind of song?
punk rock
hip hop
9. what is your favorite holiday trip?
staying home and dying
i dont know get off my case
grandmas house
10. someone just offered you the best job ever prostitute!!!!! the only problem is your boyfriend will get mad what do you do?
forget my boyfriend i will meet plenty of new guys with my new job!
who said he has to know?
it depends how much does the job pay?
take the job! i cheat on my boyfriend anyways!
awww i love my boyfriend i would never do anything to hurt him!!
screw them both just kill me now
11. your new roommate is a total loser but she always does your homework one day she told you to hang out with her you dont know what to do cause you feel bad but its your babydaddys birthday what do you do?
get someone else to do my homework duhh
kill her
its my babydaddy what do you think?
go with her! shes so nice anyways who cares if shes a dork?
wait which babydaddy? it depends
who cares
12. your taking a quiz similar to this one and you have a friend whos sitting next to you who wants you to get her some water what do you do?
get her water
get her water
get her water
get her water
get her water
omg shes so cool and nice and pretty this girl rocks omg shes the wait what were we talking about again? ohh yeah i would so get her water!!

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