What Black Butler character are you?

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LokiCat said:
Jan 25 '17, 1:07PM

Grell :D

Gothlolligal said:
Apr 6 '16, 7:19PM

...I'm Ciel... An understandable answer...

Gothlolligal said:
Apr 6 '16, 7:18PM

... I'm ceil... I guess that's understandable... Yeah I get their point

mykra said:
Jul 10 '15, 12:51AM

i may be a girl but im fine with being ciel

quiztakergirl0 said:
Jun 14 '15, 7:37AM

i got ciel, then alois!? (i hate him), then grell, then sebby.

Evenescense694 said:
Jun 1 '15, 8:29PM

I got Grell! XD

TheLoveOfBands said:
Nov 22 '14, 1:38PM

What Black Butler character are you?
Your Result: Grell Sutcliff!

You are flamboyant, over the top and completely eccentric! You love the colour red and you love to dress up as a woman. You even have a crush on a special someone whom you love deeply.
You are Ciel Phantomhive

You are Sebastian!

Alois Trancy

I Love Grell. Cx

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