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  • Penguin, baby. Oh ya. Penguins are so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

    Kowalskirox Jul 13 '11, 10:52AM
  • JOIN STN (STOP TEDDY NOW) and i hate rainbows and ponies!!!!!!that is way too cheerful!!!

    cokepepsi1211 Jul 8 '10, 4:43PM
  • yay!!!penguin!do u know how awesomenes penguina r?well they r ONLY in the south pole without santa claus...lol.i wanted rainow pony...i was close to getting that.

    great animal quiz!LOVED it!sooo awesome.i hope u will make another one.GREAT QUIZ!

    megasence Apr 30 '09, 9:34PM
  • pegwin whatever

    killer777 Mar 13 '09, 7:43PM
  • i would be a hedgehog cause im super fast and it would be friggen sweet if i could shoot quills

    hedgehog Mar 9 '09, 9:43PM
  • Your Result: Penguin

    you love swimming, you don't mind fish, you have long arms, you are quick when you're looking for something, you have small eyes and like collecting odd things. (feathers, rocks, mini pinecones etc.)

    Penguin are like Soo Awesome i love penguins they are like soooo kwl i am soooo happy <333

    shorty42 Mar 1 '09, 11:46PM
  • O.o
    i wanna be a cat or tiger (even though they weren't answers)

    Hawkshadow Feb 21 '09, 9:16PM

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