What animal is your Daemon (long detailed results)

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Twilight The Owl said:
Jul 13 '11, 4:02PM

Mine is a dark silver, almost black wolf named relic. Close to black coyote, i guess.

Sparkspirit said:
May 14 '11, 1:20PM

My daemon is Azura the bangle Tiger. :P

Sparkspirit said:
May 13 '11, 10:13PM

I wish myne was accurate....:'( lucky peeples

Sparkspirit said:
May 13 '11, 10:12PM

Barn owl: You aren't afraid to take hospitality from those who offer it. You are pretty close to your family, and picky about who you chose as friends, and few of them know what you do when they're not around. Also, you aren't commonly noticed by people around you, but you prefer things that way. You enjoy collecting things and the thought of traveling, yet you don't like going out all the time (so you're either lazy during a period of time, or very active; rarely a combination both). Your style is utterly unique, and people admire you for that. It's obvious you have a meek exterior, but it's also obvious that you're tougher than you appear, and most know to not get in any sort of fight with you: verbal or otherwise.

First of all: I very much do NOT like spending time with my family
Second: I'm NOT picky about friends
Third: I D K why I'm naming things!
Fourth: I do NOT collect things.
.......... ...
I'm pretty sure if the test was a little more detailed, I would have got more accurate results. :P RANDOM: I have a strange connection with animals.... Its weird, but it came in handy when a stray dog came to my door. Barked at everyone but me.

Aurelio said:
May 11 '11, 2:24PM

Mine's a black wolf, named Aurelio.

LemMiller said:
Apr 10 '11, 7:53PM

Amur leopard, phoenix, or peregrine falcon

theboso said:
Feb 22 '11, 7:05PM

I have a perigrin falcon wait hey wheres my bird I WANT MY FALCON!

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